Eclectic Media Company Celebrates 5 Years

Five years ago, Shannon Rose, better known as “Mr. Hollywood” took his 25 years of experience in the entertainment business and started his own casting company called Rose Casting, now known as Eclectic Media Casting in conjunction with Eclectic Media PR.

This was started with the idea of offering bi-weekly classes to help inspired Actors obtain roles in movies and commercials by honing their skills to what directors are looking for. Additionally, they would cast talent in movies, television and commercial roles that will be seen locally and on a national level.

Eclectic Media has had great success in casting such shows as WWE Divas on the E Network to the big screen movie “America.” With such notoriety, incredible talent comes to classes each month in Orlando and Safety Harbor.

“Mr. Hollywood” Shannon Rose is no stranger to the entertainment industry. He spent 20 plus years as a professional Wrestling Ring Announcer working for corporations from the ECW to NWA. Rose has appeared on various commercials, infomercials and movies. When asked about the success Rose stated, “My goal was, and still is to teach the skills needed to succeed in the entertainment business in order to get the lead parts in top level productions. With all the years of experience I have under my belt I know what directors are looking for and I will continue to enhance the necessary skills to go to the next level.”

Rose embraced teaching students from all over Florida to instill the skills in him that he was taught over the years.

Rose was quoted as saying,”2016 will be a big year as I take Eclectic Media Casting into millennium as we do classes online and show talent of all ages how to book the best audition among other things.”

Eclectic Media Casting continues to look toward the future and is already gearing up for the next 5 years of success!

About Eclectic Media Casting: Eclectic Media Casting has been casting prime talent for motion pictures for some time now and this is just another example of how they bring the actors to you. An actor/actress who waiting for an audition stated, “This is an A+ casting company that shows its results every day.” The opportunities afforded to these people aren’t overflowing, but when one falls out into sea Eclectic Media Casting is quick to get it caught!