Symbolic Meanings Behind Flowers

Believe it or not, there are several flowers that have a significant meaning behind them. In addition to this, there are flowers that are intended for certain occasions. Being part of some of the most important moments of our lives, it should come as no surprise that flowers pop up at weddings, funerals, birthday parties, graduations, and other significant events. Some flowers even go as far as having religious significance.

Believe it or not, one could already be acquainted with the significance of certain flowers. For example: a red rose signifies romantic love and everyone knows that yellow roses shouldn’t be sent to someone who is in mourning. Yet it should be mentioned that the same goes for flowers (as it does for roses.)

So with many blindly sending flowers without knowing the meanings behind them, here’s a quick list of some of the more popular flowers that people tend to mix up or inappropriately utilize at the wrong events.

  • Orchids – Orchids symbolize exotic beauty. In addition to this, they symbolize glorious and proud femininity, mature charm, thoughtfulness, and refinement.
  • Sunflowers – Sunflowers symbolize dedicated love, dedication, adoration, and pure thoughts. However, a sunflower can also symbolize haughtiness in certain situations.
  • Peony – A peony symbolizes compassion and bashfulness. In addition to this, it also signifies prosperity, good health, happy marriage, good health, and a happy life. However, it can also represent shame or indignation in negative context.
  • Lily – The lily symbolizes refined beauty and purity. As for the others: An Easter lily symbolizes the Virgin Mary, a lily of the valley symbolizes purity of heart and sweetness, a yellow lily symbolizes gaiety, an orange lily symbolizes passion, and a white lily symbolizes virginity and modesty.
  • Hydrangea – A hydrangea is used to symbolize heartfelt emotion. In context of gratitude, it can symbolize being understood. In negative context, it symbolizes heartlessness and frigidity.
  • Daisy – A daisy symbolizes purity, innocence, and loyal love.
  • Heather Lavender – Heather lavender symbolizes beauty, solitude, and admiration. White heather means that “wishes will come true” and it represents protection.

Considering the information above, there’s a lot to consider before simply gifting random flowers to loved ones. Thankfully (and hopefully), this list has made it a little easier to understand the significance of each flower at the floral shop.

Melissa Thompson
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