GoDaddy vs HostGator Comparison: Pros & Cons of Web Hosting

Web hosting platforms sprout up every day it seems. GoDaddy and HostGator are two platforms that people know and trust. The reputations are understandable, given their evolving with the Internet and inbound marketing strategies. Weighing the two options is paramount. Knowing the ins and outs of web hosting is difficult, but breaking them down to the bare bones gives at least an idea.

Parsing Out Both Marketing Platforms

Separating GoDaddy and Hostgator is the first thing that requires attention. It is hard to decipher them from one another withoutgranularly parsing the two.

  • GoDaddy Hosting is number one on most lists. Hostgator typically is third on the same listicles in terms of web hosting platforms.
  • Both Web Hosting platforms are unique in different ways. For example, HostGator is known for its supreme customer servicewhile GoDaddy depends on their experience.
  • Uptime will never be perfect. Connections are wonky things. GoDaddy brags of a 99.97% uptime rate while HostGator beats them with a 99.99%. The percentages are minuscule in numerics, but uptime matters to any business’ marketing plan.
  • Newbie friendly Web Hosting platforms are rare. However, GoDaddy has the upper hand when it comes to new users and usability.

In a GoDaddy vs HostGator comparison, website creation, management, and hosting means considering overall quality and applying it to a budget in their online marketing plan.

Pros & Cons: GoDaddy vs Hostgator Web Hosting

GoDaddy Pros:

  • Convenience draws people. It is a straightforward fact. GoDaddy combines website domain, creation, and hosting.
  • GoDaddy updates their features regularly. It may seem to be feature heavy and complicate, but the ability to do everything in an all-in-one registration is attractive.

GoDaddy Cons:

  • It is no secret that GoDaddy is expensive. The prices are higher than most competitors and surely more than HostGator.

HostGator Pros:

  • The reasonable cost of HostGator makes it attractive to any budget.
  • Email marketing is a high priority for any business, large or small. HostGator does not try to trick patrons and approaches the specific aspect of inbound marketing strategies.

HostGator Cons:

  • HostGator does not offer a free domain when signing up for services.

Neither Web Hosting platforms offer a free backup. It is either pay for it or not. But, both offer unlimited disk space and use cPanel.

In the end, HostGator edges out for the win. The decimal point percentage in uptime is enough for HostGator to retain the upper hand in competition.

Melissa Thompson
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