Pornography a Menace to America

The effects of pornography are staggering but even worse than porn is how men or women deal with this mental and emotional cancer. Women are as vulnerable to the addictive effects as men are, and some even change their physical appearance to advertise their addiction…

This terrible addiction can even lead young people (early teens) into a life of immoral conduct and ruin. The addiction is both physical and mental and wears upon those who become subject to its will. It is more addictive than cocaine and can lead to sexually transmitted diseases and death.

Science is now seeing the effects on the brain of those who become addicted to sex or pornography. The brains show many of the same signs, as those who use hard drugs. Just like hard drugs, the porn drug perpetuates itself and becomes addictive, especially to people who have emotional lows.

Emotional Lows

How many people do you know who do not have emotional lows? If that is the case then everyone is susceptible to this addiction.

People hear the word drug addiction and they automatically think about how so many young people indulge in a world where they can be destroyed and fall into the abyss of physical slavery.

The problem is people do not understand that Pornography is addictive, both physically and mentally addictive and can take a very long time to be cured. This disease of the mind can lead those addicted into other addictive substances.

How can it be stopped? I’m sure there is a way but congress and the Supreme Court have decided to let this rabid infectious plague to continue because it represents freedom of speech and expression which is guaranteed by the Constitution. It is called free speech and human rights.

What happens is they do nothing but watch? Freedom of speech is not violated but what is violated is the right to be protected under the law, protected from oppression created by evil people preying upon a human weakness, this protection is ensured under the Constitution.

Nine Billion Porn Dollars

Last year, consumers spent over 9 billion dollars on pornography.

This number increases every year and in ten more years, the industry will be as prosperous as hard drugs. This is America, not the world, spending this kind of money to become addicted. The estimated money spent on illegal drugs last year was 100 billion.

There were 900,000 people arrested for drug violations in 2011 and the average money spent for these drugs per person varies from $100.00 to $500.00 per each offender per week…

Where does this kind of money come from since we have been in a recession?

The legal cost of sexual crimes, rape, molestations, prostitution, abortions, child molestations and kidnapping are not available. One city, Los Angeles, has reported $100 million was spent in 2011 on sexual related crimes.

I’m sure New York would match or over spend the Los Angeles budget. Spread this over 50 states, with cities and rural areas and we are looking at some serious expenditures.

Creating Problems

Drugs create many problems along with the normal crimes committed in America… Prostitution is one way to obtain money; robbery is another, theft rates have increased over that past 10 years in this country.

Where do the drugs come from? Columbia sent 4000 tons, Mexico 15,800 tons, Paraguay 23000 tons Asia 10400 tons and this United States furnished 6000 tons. Note that 80% of the drugs sent from Mexico in 2011 were methamphetamine.

Young innocent people are being kidknapped in this nation every day and some become subjects of those who run sexual trade slavery. Women come up missing every day as do children. Sexual slaves are always in demand as well as children who end up in child pornography.

Sexual addiction is running rabid in this nation and each year it becomes worse. The honest and decent people of this country need to stand up and stop pornography.

$42 billion dollars were spent in this country for the war on drugs. Now it is clear the war on drugs was lost and why was it lost, because of apathy in this nation and in Washington. Maybe we need to declare a war on apathy.

One Way Ticket

If we don’t stop drugs, pornography, and other addictive practices then in time this nation, if this addictive nature continues, will completely destroy itself.

We are on a one way street that is really a dead end street but the government forgot to install the DEAD END SIGN… NO WAY OUT.

If we cannot cure it we must reverse the trend through education, knowledge, reason and give hope to the addicted slaves.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.