Montana Energy Vortex Discussed by Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart

Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart has returned to her home state of Montana this year, expanding massively, by opening two new locations in less than 6 months. Now, she is pleased to open her third location, just miles she says, from Montana’s famous Energy Vortex, in Montana’s Glacier National Park in the Rocky Mountains.

Rose Stuart says, “There is a vortex area less than 5 miles from me, known by many people around the world. It is a Montana energy vortex in The Glaciers, in Yellowstone National Park nearby about 4 miles from here.”

“The Montana Vortex,” Rose says, “is what they call Vortex Park, and a few miles near where I have opened my new Metaphysical Shop.” Rose says the energy right around her store is also a powerful vortex location which she has chosen specifically due to its energy and power.

Rose Stuart talks Montana Energy Vortex.
Rose Stuart; Psychic to the Stars Tel: 406-866-0733 and also Tel: 406-788-5348

In Rose’s New store, The Rose Boutique, Etc. #3, Rose offers a place to buy special crystals, blessed incense, unique jewelry, and special healing stones. Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart began her metaphysical work as a young child, giving readings for adults, who were shocked at the young girl’s uncanny ability to tell them things about their past and future that were true.

Rose gives aura readings, palm readings, tarot readings, Reiki sessions, life coaching, and more. She states that the Energy Vortexes around her New Boutique #3 are powerful areas where the Earth’s natural electromagnetic fields are more powerful.

It is believed that in the area of an Energy Vortex, the energy field that naturally occurs in the Earth’s bioelectrical field are more charged. Some believe that at Energy Vortex locations, a swirling mass of power can even be sometimes felt in the air. In the physical world, an Energy Vortex can reportedly manifest in to natural things such a a twister or volcano. On the subatomic level however, it is believed that an Energy Vortex can affect the mental, spiritual, and physical body on a subtle or powerful quantum level.

During the 60’s counter-culture movement, and now even today in 2017 in the new age community, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world flock to areas believed to be Energy Vortexes, including in Montana, hoping to experience a profound spiritual experience; a shift, or growth to help them heal or expand in the human experience.

Rose Stuart is excited to have her new location in what she says, is just such an area. She adds, “This is not just a psychic shop, but also a metaphysical gift store, with jewelry, Bohemian style gifts, and more. It is my great new store opening right here in this Energy Vortex area here in Kalispell, Montana.”

Rose Stuart made a decision to expand her business massively, and the opening of the recent second, and now third new location in Montana are a part of that. Rose Stuart attributes her success thanks to her recent national news coverage in correctly predicting Trump’s win, her prediction of Russian hacking, issues with North Korea, and helping to find the missing child of a celebrity, and solving a murder, among more.

Rose has also gained a large word of mouth reputation and online on social media including Facebook and even Yelp, with her clients praising the accuracy of her predicting very personal, powerful things for them on a one-on-one basis. As she states in her advertising, “You tell her nothing-she tells you all,” stunned and amazed clients testify again and again that this is actually true.

These successes and others have grown her business, and also earned her an international reputation, with clients from all over the world calling to speak with her. Rose also recently reported how there has been at least one or more psychics going around using her name, stating they are her – when they are not. Rose Stuart earlier reported how she had other reports from clients who said they saw her at other locations, where Rose had never been.

As earlier reported, Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart stated, “I’ve always been successful, because I love what I do, I love helping people, and I am good at what I do. I have a good reputation and my clients always come back to me. I’m also an ordained minister. I have very strong faith in God, and this is like my religion to me. But I’m very sad that this person or persons are going around trying to steal my name, and hurt my very good reputation.”

The Rose Boutique Etc. #3
The Rose Boutique Etc. #3, with Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart Tel: 406-866-0733 and also Tel: 406-788-5348

You Tell her Nothing – She Tells You All

Rose states that she loves helping people, and her specialty is reuniting lovers. Her other services include reading palms, tarot, astrology charts, love charts, energy work, spirit guide and ancestor work, chakra balancing, Reiki, relationship counseling, and more. She is also a relationship coach and an ordained minister who can perform weddings, which she loves to do.

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