Entrepreneurs Combine to Launch Global Thought Leaders Network

This week, two entrepreneurs, Samantha Riley and Davide Di Giorgio announced the launch of their Global Thought Leaders Network. The event, for thought leaders, coaches, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, and business owners takes place in Oahu, Hawaii.

The Global Thought Leaders Network aims to create global connections and build deep rapport. The network’s emphasis is on connections and rapport, rather than on transactional business relationships.

Making Change

Riley and Di Giorgio noticed a shift in emphasis for many entrepreneurs and small businesses towards social media. Social media has its place, but they say there is no replacement for a real human connection.

Many people get stuck building a social media platform, as they try to create the impact they want to achieve. They set up social media, use tools, create funnels, buy traffic, and sit at the computer, but something is missing. That missing thing is real connections with real people, not avatars.

Samantha Riley and Davide Di Giorgio aim to change this, starting with a group of entrepreneurs in Oahu, Hawaii.

Samantha Riley hosted a VIP dinner in Santa Monica, California, for twenty other thought leaders. That spectacular night was in 2016, and lead to what she called “amazing conversations.” Almost 12 months later, participants are still collaborating on various projects.

Opening New Business Connections

Entrepreneur-photographer Marcy Browe was one participant who opened up new business connections that didn’t exist for her before that time.

Browe says, “I met my future business coach at that dinner, as well as many other heart-centered business professionals that I have had the pleasure of working with and collaborating with since meeting them. Thanks to Samantha, I have opened up a whole new set of business connections that didn’t exist for me previously.”

Ms. Riley intended the dinner to be a single get-together, but it has turned into something far greater. She says the connections made in the room were stronger and higher quality than she expected. So she and fellow entrepreneur, Davide Di Giorgio, The Unapologetic Speaker Coach, talked about recreating the event. Di Giorgio, who attended the Santa Monica event from San Diego, was also impressed with the outcome. He says, “We instantly knew that we wanted to create something bigger, together.”

High Quality Network

They decided to create The Global Thought Leaders Network. After more discussion, the two realised they would both be in Hawaii at the same time in October. This was the perfect opportunity to launch the network officially. The announcement was made through their press release Entrepreneurs Connect The World, Launch Global Thought Leaders Network.

Samantha and Davide are passionate about creating a high quality network, where people place more value on creating global connections and building deep rapport than focusing on transactional business relationships. This will not only extend the life and impact potential of a global network of ethical entrepreneurs, it will also result in more business. Last month, they were interviewed by The Swell Collective.

Di Giorgio is fresh off his Speaker Experience at Sea cruise, which helped speaker-entrepreneurs to grow. Di Giorgio says speakers are really leaders of tribes using their mastery of speaking to engage their audiences and build authority.

On October 19, Samantha Riley and Davide Di Giorgio invite Hawaii’s thought leaders, coaches, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, and business owners to the Building Influence Workshop and afterwards to the Mixer and VIP Dinner. The mixer and dinner are open to a wider audience than those attending the Building Influence Workshop.

Hawaii influencer, keynote speaker and presenter, Cynthia Manley will speak at the workshop. Manley said, “I am thrilled that Davide and Samantha are sharing their knowledge and expertise on building influence right here in Hawaii. It is going to be a life-changing experience so get ready for success!”

At the Building Influence Workshop, Manley will speak on “Out of the box” networking, publicity and developing powerful partnerships.

This is the official launch of The Global Thought Leaders Network. It is a high quality network, where more value is placed on creating global connections and building deep rapport than on transactional business relationships. The aim is to bring together ethical entrepreneurs from all over the world, and create more business.

Entrepreneurs are invited to reserve their place at the Building Influence Workshop by clicking this link. Also make a reservation for the Mixer and VIP Dinner at this link.

building influence workshop for Global Thought Leaders Network.
Building Influence Workshop.
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