The Speaker Experience at Sea Sails From Vancouver To San Diego

TEDx speaker coach, Davide Di Giorgio, is this week leading a group of on-purpose entrepreneurs on the inaugural voyage of The Speaker Experience at Sea. Di Giorgio is developing these entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives as world-class speakers.

The voyage started today, in Vancouver, British Columbia, with planned stops in Victoria, British Columbia, Astoria, Oregon, and San Diego, California.

Di Giorgio says speakers are really leaders of tribes using their mastery of speaking to engage their audiences and build authority.

At each port, participating speakers want to connect and share their mission and experience with local entrepreneurs and business owners.

The Speaker Experience at Sea helps participants develop into world-class speakers by working through a daily series of hands-on classes and sessions. Sessions include things every speaker needs, including “Pitch Perfect: The Art of Enrollment” and “Emcee & Hosting Mastery, Toast Like a Master.”

“It’s like American Idol Hollywood Week for speakers – on a cruise,” says Di Giorgio.

the unapolagetic speaker crew prepares for the speaker experience at sea.
The Unapolagetic Speaker Crew.

Although participants learn how to build a million-dollar business from the ground up, they are interested in more than simply making money – they want to share their experience with the world. Di Giorgio says these entrepreneurs “learn how to become better speakers and presenters, creating impact and legacy.”

“I am on a mission to work with people who are up to something big and who understand that working on their speaking and presentation skills on an ongoing basis will exponentially increase their ability to impact the world,” Di Giorgio says.

Attendee Jenn Beninger works on unlocking the genius inside each of the people she reaches. She said, “The Speaker Experience at Sea allows me to connect with different people in different ports and countries where I get to share my talk, my vision, and mission, and receive real time feedback from real people!”

Speakers on the cruise include a Financial Expert from Silicon Valley who consults with business owners to keep more of the money they make, and a licensed therapist who makes waves with her ‘No BS Rapid Transformation’ coaching that clears blocks in weeks rather than years. [Press Release]

More information about The Speaker Experience at Sea is available on the website.

Entrepreneurs, businesses, executives or speakers in Victoria, Astoria or San Diego who want to connect with the speakers while in port are invited to call Davide Di Giorgio at (619) 363-0568, or email [email protected] .

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