Humanity and Land

When we started out on this planet we dwelled together. We fought over our space – we assume by carvings on the walls left to us, as to whom would get what. Then we invented bartering, formal wars, and stealing.

After that we were left solely with money to exchange our needs including land.

Who made the idea of buying land? Why were certain people left out of receiving this paper so they could buy land? I believe it was the white collar workers who started the jobs with the dollar.

This brought on less meaning to the blue collar workers and farmers, privately run seamstresses, launderers, and many others. But they already had houses. I suppose the whole thing could have fallen in by the separation of family and when doom arose. Those who moved away that fell to despair lost their homes when on their own. Despair would hit their families far away and not able to help those with them or those that left. No jobs, no paper money, which means no new house.

Those who already had claimed their land many years ago and possibly lost their houses due to fire, despair, war, and other other atrocities added to the number of the homeless and their family members that added to their family count and onto our society of more homeless.

With not everyone being able to acquire a job to get paper money to rent or buy a new land and a house this left all of these people on the street.

Homeless Women
Photo by Franco Filini

For the large numbers who were able to acquire homes in our lifetime, a small percentage to everyone else’s observations – left the numbers growing steadily to the numbers today that are not housed for the same reasons – no paper money.

Out of greed, we took all the land and left nothing for those in despair. Our governments and the large corporations took over and we were either too tired or did not want to bother to speak.


Today many see this and are contributing land to those as we once did when we made our claim to it to the citizens in despair and their right to live on land and have a home. They are called EcoVilles. And those who don’t have the money to pay are funded from people like me that care. What an evolution from back then to now.

EcoVilles are small homes made by builders that are funded from grants and donations for the lots that house them. They are considered a step up and not a hand out or leap that homeless citizens want and can accomplish.

Homeless citizens want to work to earn their home but some either can’t afford the downpayment after the losses in their lives or they don’t have any money or a job at all.

These homes have become of great value to these citizens. In Eugene, Oregon, alone we have 2,500 students that are homeless. It is hard to study and learn a craft to get a job if you are sleeping in the woods. This is what are these children have been left to do, for the reasons above.

Though in our community our EcoVille is greatly appreciated, it only houses roughly 30-35 persons on my last count. Many more are needed. And though I am willing to perform concerts to bring in money, places to provide this arena are rare without me building my own stage to have them for free and accept donations.

Money talks greatly and I have been known to talk myself about many issues including my own – thanked by many – but shunned by some very large organizations as well. This leaves me just as vulnerable as the homeless to help them.


There are many brave activists out there speaking on the streets and in courtrooms to help the homeless situation. Citizens are beat up, spit on, left without bathrooms to have to go on the street, and dying everyday with their children beside them.

We need change faster than we can provide it. I know what it is like to be run into the ground when we speak our mind as citizens. This is not lawful and not ethical to have this behavior and treatment to happen.

Housing is a needed means that is deserved by all and not an advantage, honor, or gift. It is just as important as going to the bathroom or washing yourself. We all want this for ourselves and others so we should provide it instead of wasting time judging what we don’t want to see. It is always going to be there for our children that has been said to fear the sight, or in our view we has been complained to.

Instead of creating an ungodly sin to deflect upon us by having these awful views and by some account harmful actions to have to live with and let our children see our actions – why don’t we all give that quarter every week to a fund that would house all of our people and make this a priority as we do to have schools, libraries, medical buildings, and send money overseas, etc.

All We Ask

All we ask, from the love of all the activists and myself, is to think about what you can do. Possibly you have a lot of land you can rent out to the homeless community to a homeless organizer that seeks a step up plan for housing, you have some goods to donate to these citizens on the street, a sandwich made to give to someone, a tissue for their tears, or even a hat or drink of water as they are dehydrating in the hot sun.

All of this helps while we are all trying to convince those with the real means to build more EcoVille houses, to donate more land, and rent out more lots – even from private owners. And MOST importantly – be willing to have an open mind and heart to a human being in need and don’t look at their situation before you offer them a home. Segregation of lifestyle is not a choice we need or have the right to make before offering someone a home.

We all follow the same rules whether we are homeless or not. We all do the same things that are being asked of the homeless community in our homes and we are not privy to have to answer these questions from our homes. These citizen’s medical treatment can be sought at their scheduled times without interfering in our lives or the ones possibly running these residencies to come. The citizens that will be living in these homes already know this and accept and love their brothers and sisters for their so-called faults.

So lend a hand, and give a step up, not a leap that is impossible for many homeless – and MOST importantly not a hand out!

Lori Finnila
Lori Finnila aka Lori Jean is a former radio show host of the Women Empowerment Show who writes on women's issues. She studys creative writing and screenwriting, is a recording artist with music at iTunes, and an author