Four Fashion Mistakes Tall Guys Should Avoid

While some might suggest that tall guys have it so much easier than those in the short category, sometimes it doesn’t feel like this. Particularly when it comes to fashion, unless using a popular retailer like it can sometimes be difficult to even shop for the right size.

Fortunately, help is at hand. Here is some of the best advice to follow if for tall men, who want to make the most of their style. Here are some of the key things to avoid.

Short Sleeves and Shorts Are a No-Go

Short sleeves on their own? Or shorts on their own? Generally, most people will get away with such garments.

However, once starting to pair these items is where problems start to emerge. The problem, for tall guys at least, is that these garments show far too much skin. Not only are they showing off bare arms, but also bare legs. It means that other people see a lot of the body, and this is obviously not desirable for anyone in the tall category.

Two Solids? No Thanks

Another mistake that a lot of tall guys make is opting for the double solid approach. In other words, their upper and lower body will be decked out in the same colours.

For some people, this works a treat, but for tall guys it simply spells huge. The two blend together and create an appearance which is quite frankly, enormous.

When defining solid, don’t always attribute it to colour either. It might be two garments without a pattern as well, which can have a surprisingly similar effect.

Can’t Emphasize ‘Fit’ Enough

The importance of a good fit for anyone cannot be understated. However, when it comes to tall guys, things take a turn for the critical.

Opting for huge clothes is just going to shout out to everyone that this man is large, and needs appropriate clothing to compensate. However, if buying garments that are too small, it means there is a lot of skin showing. For this, look back at the first point made above, and the perils this brought.

Don’t Go Too Low With Pants

Finally, one of the big misconceptions is that tall guys need to wear pants really low, to create the “short leg” look. Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, the opposite advice might work for shorter guys, but don’t read into that.

By wearing pants too low, the legs may look shorter, but at the expense of the torso appearing huge. The last effect a tall man wants is a long torso, as it shouts out the tall category. Instead, wear pants at a normal level and try and control the whole body appearance through other means.

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