This Nighttime Walk Shows Demi Lovato and Henry Levy are More Than a Rumor

The rumors of a romantic hook-up between Demi Lovato and Henry Levy appear to be more of a reality according to reports of a recent encounter.

Caught on a nighttime walk on Dec. 9 in Beverly Hills, the couple were involved in some public displays of affection after a date in Malibu. Aside from holding hands, the couple were also spotted kissing. With some speculating that Levy may indeed be more than a ‘sober companion‘ for Lovato.

However, associates close to the singer state that the star is not thinking too much about the romantic side of things. Instead, she is focusing on her recovery after a stay in rehab. Immediately after her release, it was clear that she was going big on her health in an attempt to avoid any kind of relapse. Her involvement with Levy may be a sign she is making progress in this regard.

Indeed, a clue that this is the case came in Instagram posts where the star showed off her Jiu-Jitsu kit after a hard workout and returning home wearing a headlamp for work. However, this could very well be the beginning of a completely different approach to life for Lovato. She is spending time with a number of health experts to advise her on exercise, diet and being more at peace with herself when compared to how she was in the first six months of the year.

According to an insider, ‘Treatment has really changed her and she is looking forward to remaining sober and her new outlook on life.’

Of course, Levy has had his own troubles to seek, and it is hoped that the couple can work in unison with one another to continue to overcome their issues. This in itself goes against the wishes of her family who see him as being a bad influence rather than a positive companion.

It does appear as if her spell in rehab has worked wonders for her with a return to the studio and a generally more improved outlook on life. If these early changes are anything to go by, then sparks may very well fly in a number of areas in her life.