Amazing Ways a New Purse Helps with Personal Rebranding

The type of purse someone carries says a lot about their personality. Whether consciously or not, it’s possible to change others’ perceptions by getting a new bag. Even the way a bag is carried makes a big difference. If someone wants to change their image, the following style tips can get the ball rolling. Fortunately, new bags are available online at websites that sell purses wholesale.

Backpacks Say Adventure Awaits

Those who wish to travel the globe with the bare essentials carry a backpack over their shoulders. Comfort and style mark these adventurous souls. Today’s fashion-forward backpacks are fashion statements in themselves and allow wearers to travel hands-free. Most of these dreamers are health conscious and want a backpack they can take on any trip.

Tote Girls Know What They Want

Someone with a tote has their own mind and isn’t afraid to hold unpopular opinions. To project an image as a goal-setter with initiative, buy a tote today. As well as updating a wearer’s image, totes help busy women juggle various roles. They give their owners plenty of space to organize for all the roles they play in life.

Cross-body Bags Say Carefree

Those who prefer cross-body bags want to be able to access their belongings quickly while keeping their hands free. Only the necessities make the cut for these smallish bags. For packrats looking to make a change, this bag fits a wallet, phone, eyes and little else. Get more organized today with a cross-body bag.

Shoulder Bags as a Status Symbol

Impress someone with a fashionable shoulder bag. Top-shelf designers lend their prestige to every woman who proudly showcases their work. Getting a great deal on a bag everyone else wants sweetens the deal, so look for purses wholesale brokers have on sale.

Hardshell Clutch Party Animals

A clutch purse screams party girl. These ladies love to laugh and socialize, and they will dance at the drop of a hat or for no reason at all. When paired with a little black dress, this transformative bag can change lives or at least evenings out.

Whatever image is required, there’s a type of purse that can help you pull it off, so go ahead and plan your rebranding style, then get a new bag to pull it off.

Melissa Thompson
Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn't know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.