How to Choose the Best RX Swim Goggles This Summer

Looking for a way to get healthy without putting the body in danger? In a recent study of triathletes, researchers found that only 7 percent of the injuries sustained by these athletes were due to swimming.

For years, people have used swimming as a way to cool off and build their endurance. During the hot summer months, there is nothing quite like taking a dip in a lukewarm pool.

Many people with less than perfect vision needed RX swim goggles to see underwater while in a pool. Swimmers may be surprised to learn just how many prescription goggles there are on the market.

The following are some of the considerations a swimmer needs to make when trying to get the perfect pair of goggles to wear in the pool.

Understand the Lenses in These Goggles

Most of the manufacturers of these prescription goggles use the same system that eye glasses companies do. While a person may be able to get lenses that are fairly close to their actual prescription or even match the prescription completely, they may find themselves unable to find an exact match from time to time. Seeking out the guidance of an eyewear professional is a great way to figure out which lenses are suitable for their needs.

Trying on a Few Goggle Options is a Must

With all of the different prescription goggles on the market, a person will need to find a way to narrow the selection. Going in and trying on a few different pairs is a good idea. By doing this, they can get a feel for what style and brand of goggle is right for their needs.

Most eyewear suppliers will carry a number of different goggles. Usually, these professionals will have no problem giving a swimmer the guidance needed during the fitting process. While it may take a bit of time to find the right goggle type, it will pay off when they are able to swim and see with ease.

How Thick Should the Goggle Gaskets Be?

When trying on different pairs of prescription goggles, be sure to pay attention to the thickness of the gaskets around the lenses. While a swimmer wants to choose a pair of goggles that will prohibit water from getting to their eyes, they need to make sure the thicker gaskets will not affect their comfort. Generally, the thicker gaskets will cause problems and may leave marks on the face after they are worn for a long time.

Choosing the first pair of prescription goggles they come across will only lead to problems in the long run. The swimmer will need to set aside some time to thoroughly research the goggle market before making a selection.

Tint or No Tint?

Are they going to be doing a lot of swimming in outdoor pools? If so, they may want to think about getting the lenses on their prescription goggles tinted. With this tint, they can keep the sun out of their eyes with ease.

Before going out to buy a new pair of prescription goggles, be sure to set a budget. Doing this will help them get what they need without overextending their finances.

Melissa Thompson
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