650 Million Years Without Brains?!

650 Years & Counting Without Brains ๐Ÿ™‚

I saw a picture somewhere on the internet and it said “Jellyfish have survived 650 Million Years without brains,” and this information supposedly gives hope to people? Is this how we have decided to live our Life? Without the use of Intelligence and Responsible Thought, we might as well be an animal. I decided to use the picture as an example.

650 Million Years Without Brains?! 1
Wake Up From Your Slumber, you are not Jellyfish and Do have Brains. use them!

IS the creator of the picture saying that we aren’t supposed to have brains or intelligence or that we aren’t supposed to use them in our Life?

Was this sarcasm or did he mean it?

My Opinion Is One of Careful Thought! ๐Ÿ™‚

In my opinion, the writer of that article did bring in an important and valid point: whether we are indeed using our intelligence appropriately in this Life? Are our choices responsible? Are we able to exercise those choices wisely enough to benefit ourselves singularly without harming everything else? This question would apply to everything else i.e. business, environment, personal, life, government, politics, food that we eat, children we raise, technology, etc.

Look around you, we are destroying our world in the name of progress! Progress cannot imply un-reigned growth without understanding the consequences of meddling with nature. The technology we use has side effects, the food, air and water we intake, all polluted, the natural order of things is changing rapidly. The weather is inconsistent, population is out of control basically a lot of things are going wrong in our Life.

Consider why this is happening?! Its because we refuse to think long term. Today is only about the short term engagement and its rewards, without looking at the long term consequences of what we are doing, its also about what most people are accepting.

We are the only living species on this planet that has the capability of exercising judgement and can actually visualize the past and imagine the future learning from our mistakes in the past. Most of us have chosen to be blind to our execution by the few destroying everything we hold precious for short term profit. Is this acceptable?

The Big Questions? ๐Ÿ™‚

So, are we using this tool that we possess (the brain) towards the good and welfare of ourselves, our family and by extension the world? If not, are we ready to be the change in the world, one individual at a time?

I know of some people who do are doing that but most are blissfully unaware or pretend to be so, and that is what scares me. We will not be able to make a difference to the nonsense going around in the world unless every human unites in this cause of becoming aware and exercising his intelligence to stop un-reigned destruction of everything we hold dear.

Think About Ii.

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