Versatile Application of Grout Mixers and Pumps

Modern large-scale constructions rely on the use of machines for efficiency. It is very rare to see a building being constructed purely with manual labour. One example of a machine used for construction is a grout pump. It is a versatile tool that aids in several functions and jobs. Contractors buy or rent a grout pump to finish jobs such as:

  • Installation of doors and window frames. Commercial buildings often have windows and doors with metal frames. These frames must be filled with grout to attach the window or door to the surrounding wall and at the same time maintain its fireproof rating. To make the job a lot easier, grout pumps are used instead of manually applying mortar to the surface.
  • Grouting concrete hollow blocks. Commercial structures that use cinder or hollow blocks need to reinforce structural integrity with grout. Depending on the requirement of the contractor, cinder blocks may need to be filled with grout from top to bottom. This can be a time-consuming task if a contractor does not have a grouting machine. In some instances, if there is no machine readily available, a screed pump hire option is considered.
  • Filling of voids. A grouting pump machine is especially helpful for generic tasks or jobs that require filling voids with grout. There are many areas that require the application of grout without using high pressure.
  • Fixing panel joints. Using panels is very popular in commercial construction. This pertains to the use of pre-fabricated panels that are tilted upwards to form sections of a wall. These panels can come in various sizes. To fix the joint, a screed pump is used to fill the base with grout, attaching the panel to the foundation of the wall.

These are only some of the most common uses for grout and screed pumps. Because they are versatile machines that can be used to pump any mixture or material with the right consistency and thinness, they are highly suitable for many construction jobs.

Heavy duty machines are meant to last for years. With proper maintenance, this small investment can be very valuable for any construction company. There are different types of machines available in the market today. These machines vary in size. Some are built to carry heavier loads while others are meant for smaller jobs. The size of the machine is always a primary consideration before making a purchase. Bigger machines are best for commercial construction projects while smaller machines are more suitable for residential builds.

Many online suppliers carry grout pumps for commercial use. Before making an online purchase, one need to examine the integrity of the machine. Make sure that it is made from heavy-duty and durable materials that will last many years. If possible, try to inspect a similar make and model in person before making a purchase online.

For those who are considering using a pump for a limited time, renting is another option. It is not as costly, and one will save on the cost of storage and maintenance.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.