The Best Cars on the Market for Cab Drivers

A taxi driver’s vehicle is their most important asset. This automobile is their livelihood and if they are to succeed, it must tick all of the boxes. This means that it should be comfortable, enjoyable to drive, spacious and economical (taxi drivers are on the roads a lot more than regular motorists). Customers often use the same company if they have a good experience, so it is vital that they have a comfortable ride with plenty of space inside.

There are a number of great cars on the market that are ideal for taxi drivers, with specialist suppliers like Cab Direct being the best place to buy. Here are the top three currently on the market:

Mercedes-Benz M8

In terms of luxury and comfort, you can never go wrong with a Mercedes-Benz. The famous German manufacturer has a rich history of creating some of the world’s greatest vehicles and their M8 has all the hallmarks of their range.

It is extremely spacious and you can easily fit up to six passengers and their luggage. The use of air-con and high-quality materials ensure that it is a comfortable experience for both driver and passengers, plus electronic passenger doors allow for easy access. Thanks to the new Euro 6 diesel engine, the M8 returns 46.3mpg and low emissions.

Ford Procab

The impressive Procab from Ford is a great choice for those that want to pick up large groups, as you are able to comfortably take up to 8 passengers. Not only this, but the Procab boasts more equipment as standard than any other Hackney taxi currently available. This includes satellite navigation, rain sensing wipers, voice activated connectivity and front and rear parking sensors just to name a few.

This vehicle also offers superb ride comfort – a crucial factor for passengers. It returns an impressive 44.8mpg and is 13% more efficient than its predecessor too.

Peugeot Premier

Take up to 4 passengers in comfort and style with the highly-rated Peugeot Premier. It is also wheelchair accessible, which is hugely important and something that all cab drivers must consider. Due to the fact that it is wheelchair accessible, this also means that it has a roomy interior with plenty of room for passengers and their luggage.

Additionally, the Premier is one of the more cost-effective taxis on the market thanks to the impressive efficiency of 68.9mpg. Overall, this is a great value wheelchair accessible cab with ample space inside.

These are the top 3 vehicles on the market that will boost your business.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.