US Justice Department Honors Special Agent Michael Conklin

The United States Justice Department today honored Special Agent Michael Conklin for his outstanding efforts in a document fraud investigation.

Mr. Conklin’s investigation was focused on “Sovereign Nation” organization known for creating own diplomatic identification cards (IDs). Agent Conklin was able to render essential support in the case that led to a successful prosecution.

Richard Jaensch, a member of “Sovereign Nation” and a plumber from Annandale, Virginia, was found to produce fake diplomatic credentials. The fake credentials stated that he was a Diplomat and Head of State of the United States. After Jaensch provided the ID to a Fairfax County Circuit Court judge in a civil proceeding, the court confiscated it. The court held the defendant in contempt for refusing to provide discovery to the other side.

Jaensch again availed a new identification from the same Internet Company that had made the first one after his release from prison.

During a videotaped, Jaensch said he was using the fake credentials at TSA airport checkpoints.

With Mr. Conklin’s efforts, the US government was able to present a case and prosecute Jaensch guilty of producing a false identification document.

Special Agent Michael Conklin

Special Agent Michael Conklin, 30, is currently serving a tour in Kabul, Afghanistan. His next assignment will take him to Bogota, Colombia. He previously served at the Washington D.C. Field Office and at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.

Conklin’s hometown is Mechanicsville, Virginia, where he attended Atlee High School, class of 1998.

Conklin had served 6 years as a deputy sheriff with the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office.

Conklin is a 2002 graduate of Longwood University, Farmville, Virginia. He was a graduated of bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

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