US and Colombia Committed to Passage of Free Trade Agreement

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today met Colombian Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin. Both countries reaffirmed commitment to the passage of the Free Trade Agreement.

At the second U.S.-Colombia High-Level Partnership Dialogue, Ms. Clinton said Colombia is consolidating gains internally. It is also reaching out to help neighbors in so many respects.

“We’re so committed to the passage of the Free Trade Agreement. We know – which is what President Obama has stated publicly and unequivocally – that this will bring jobs and growth to both of our countries.”-Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton highlighted that the agreement will also help to support the security gains that Colombia has made. She further said it opens even a broader vista for greater cooperation on the spectrum of their shared challenges and opportunities.

According to Ms. Clinton, the United States is supportive of Colombia’s efforts to return families who are displaced by violence to their homes and to end impunity for abuses.

Ms. Clinton commended Colombia for exercising leadership in Cancun. She pointed out that the United States wants to deepen its diplomatic cooperation at future climate talks and to find new ways to develop strategies for expanding development without increasing carbon emissions.

Mina Fabulous
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