Anglers Choice At Marina Del Rey Boat Parade

Dining at Anglers Choice at The 48th Annual Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade, is a remarkable experience. There’s a beautiful view of the channels, where there are some of the most elegant yachts in Southern California.

Located in Fisherman’s Wharf, Anglers Choice provides a cheerful ambiance and cooking by master chef Moucha Gadr, creating a perfect evening for families and tourist. On this occasion, Damian Chapa, star of “Blood In Blood Out,” and the new film, “Brando Unauthorized” was celebrating his son Justin’s birthday.

Chapa, who enjoys fresh sea food, ordered Sea Bass and clam chowder, while his sons ordered chicken fingers. One of the fun points of the evening was 10 year old Presley Chapa working with Chef Gadr. Young Presley took over the kitchen, all in good fun.

damian chapa sonsMoucha Gadr, Damian Chapa, Presley Chapa, and Justin Ross

More than 40 boats sailed down the channels, with fireworks, live bands and lots of colorful lights, bringing out the best themes. Actor Barry Williams and Miss California International, Brittany Wagner, joined in on this year’s parade.

In closing the evening, Cindy Williams, the president of the association, said she was elated to see the largest crowd ever to attend the boat parade. The best overall award had gone to Boat #29, Ellis Island, and the best power boat went to #48, Blue Bell, while best sailboat went to boat #12.

It was a night to remember for a very long time. Moany people said they couldn’t wait for next year, to do it all over again.

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