Google TV Offers Best of Both Worlds

Try explaining the concept of the Internet to a 14th century monk. Better yet, describe to him how it can store massive amounts of data using electronic ink. Then compute for him the number of hours he and his fellow monks could save instead of scribbling away biblical passages in Latin using quill and ink. After doing that, tease him a bit about Google TV, that it actually inserts an actual Internet in your TV. Chances are he will call upon his buddies, round up people who think like you, and enjoy the sight of the Inquisition. Good thing we are not of that century anymore.

It’s good because now we can enjoy the benefits of technology especially when it comes to home entertainment. This is definitely much more enjoyable than the Inquisition. Blood and gore is limited to your TV screens while you sit back and relax on your favorite couch munching buckets of popcorn.

This is what Google TV has to offer. With most companies trying to invade living rooms with media streaming, Google TV is an Internet-connected television platform in which users can stream videos, rent/watch TV and movies and listen to music. This is all possible thanks to a browser and app included in its package.

Although its launch devices have their differences, they’re all running Android on an Intel CE4100 media processor. It’s a 1.2GHz Atom core that has been beefed up with extra graphics that are capable of capturing and decoding 1080p video. Google’s Android operating system provides the foundation, allowing developers to create applications that extend the system’s functionality.

Google TV’s interface is the same whether you’re using Sony’s Internet TV or Logitech’s Revue box. Google TV leverages many of Google’s existing products.

Google’s Chrome browser provides a gateway to the Internet, allowing consumers to browse web sites and watch television simultaneously. Consumers can access HBO, CNBC, and content from other providers through the Chrome browser. Partners have built applications that allow customers to access content in unique ways. Netflix, for example, has built an application that allows customers to access its library of movies and television shows. Android and Apple phones will be used as remote controls for Google TV. Google TV products ship with wireless remote controls with a full QWERTY keypad.

With Google TV‘s features, it offers viewers the best of both worlds. It makes TV watching and Internet surfing more fun and exciting.