Weight Loss to the Stars- Suddenly Slimmer Now Available to the Public

The weight and inch loss treatment used by the stars promises to make clients become eight to twenty inches slimmer in just one hour. That service- Suddenly Slimmer is now available not just to the stars, but also now to the general public in San Diego and Los Angeles.

The weight loss treatment used by many of the world’s top stars is now available to the general public from Suddenly Slimmer in La Jolla-San Diego County, California, as well as Los Angeles, California. The treatment has been praised by stars including Kelly Preston, Rachel Ray, Ellen DeGeneres and Tyra Banks as being the one inch loss treatment they know of that is fast and that really works without hurting the body or being a risk to health.

The owner of Suddenly Slimmer states that the treatment ensures that one will lose the visibility of eight to twenty inches in just one hour. She reports that the treatment also visibly reduces stretch marks and scars, tightens, firms and smooths cellulite, detoxifies, and smooths and softens skin.


The environment exposes one to pollutants and contaminants on a daily basis. People may accumulate waste products and toxins from the air they breathe, chemically processed or enhanced foods and things they touch, or put on their body. One of the reason a person may get bigger and may gain weight is due to toxins. These waste products build up in areas of the body and as a result, one can have poor circulation, cellulite, weight and inch gain, premature aging, wrinkles and a general lack of energy. That is the body’s natural response to fighting off these poisons that they take in. As the toxin build-up continues, it may create excess build up between fatty cells, causing them to separate and a visible puffiness may occur in the areas of the thighs, buttocks, waist and hips.

The Body Wrap solves this problem while one loses inches by balancing the internal cell pressure and cleansing the fluid in between the fatty cells. This process helps remove not only the contaminated matter, but releases unnecessary accumulation of inter-cellular fluid build up surrounding the affected area. The end result is a visible tightening and toning of the current figure using all natural Mineral Body Wraps. The results are instantaneous. Users get a free evaluation and consultation.


A qualified Wrap Technician will wrap the client from head to toe in ace type of bandages with an exclusive mineral solution, concentrating on a any areas one wants to target. The client then moves around in the wrap for about an hour. Nothing strenuous, just fun, light, aerobic exercise to a video or a work out. This keeps the circulation going, allowing the lymphatic system to flush out the body’s waste products so the client loses more toxins and lose more inches. After about one hour, the client is unwrapped and re-measured. Suddenly Slimmer guarantees that clients will lose at least eight inches for women, and six inches for men or their first wrap, or their second wrap is free.


The French Sudatonic burns up to five percent body fat and four thousand calories in one hour. It detoxify, helps get rid of cellulite, soothes pain, and is very relaxing.

When the client arrives, first they have their body fat tested with a body fat analyzer and get weighed. They then have applied two French creams, one for target areas, and the client then then may lay down and relax with soothing music for about an hour in a three zone, heated, infrared blanket. After they have perspired and detoxified for an hour, the client again has their body fat tested and is weighed. The owner of Suddenly Slimmer reports that clients burn as much body fat and calories as if one were to work out for one to three months straight, and loses on average, one to two pounds.


Thank you for The Body Wrap! In just one month I am 36″ smaller, my body looks and feels great! My skin is much smoother and I have much more energy. Keep up the good work! G. H.

I would like to thank you and The Body Wrap for taking over 30″ off of my body in just three wraps. I see a definite improvement.

Thanks again, V. K.

Thanks to The Body Wrap, I have lost over 18″ in just four wraps. The loss was mainly from the upper chest and abdomen areas. Thanks again and see you soon. E. B.

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