The Perfect Formula Diet

Reading Janice Stanger’s book The Perfect Formula Diet (Perfect Planet Solutions, 2009) once again affirmed the common false beliefs we follow in our daily lives. Thanks to Janice, the book debunks some very popular myths about animal foods. For example, the hype that we all need animal proteins for healthy living and fitness; that milk is the perfect food for health; that fish is the best and safe source of omega-3 fatty acid; and that animals are our food, not our friends.

Explaining the role of various nutrients in our health with the expertise of a nutritionist and the skills of a gifted writer, Janice Stanger points to the health threats posed by each and every animal food including dairy, eggs, and fish, and commends the six categories of natural, whole foods, all derived from plant sources.


These perfect foods are the key to lasting health and graceful aging. But due to the rooted, unscientific beliefs about meat, milk, and other animal foods, we deprive ourselves of the perfect foods and turn ourselves in to diseases served in the form of animal foods.

It was also interesting to read that animal farming followed by slaughtering for feeding humans is a major source of environmental contamination with toxins potentially threatening our health and the planet in general. It was due to reading this book only that I stopped taking eggs in breakfast. To all those who care about healthy living, this is the book just that the doctor ordered.