‘Soldiers Off The Street’ – Making Life Better for Ex-Service Personnel

You would think that in modern times, especially in Britain that homeless people would be a thing of the past, but sadly this is not the case.

It is of course terrible to see anyone living on the streets, but even more difficult when some of these happen to be ex-service personnel. It’s hard to believe that a person who has fought for their country can possibly meet such a fate.

We have seen recently injured service personnel having to be treated in civilian hospitals in Britain, because the government does not feel that the expense of a special military hospital is warranted. Surely they deserve better than that.

This “uncaring” attitude also extends to the homeless, who have to rely on public generosity for assistance.

As a result of this situation a new organisation called “Soldiers off the street” has been formed by a group of dedicated people to tackle the problem. The organisation “is not and never will be affiliated to any political party, it is dedicated to physically help as many ex-service personnel gain as normal a life as possible”

Soldiers off the street

Their aim is to provide clothing and food for ex-service personnel throughout the UK, actively finding locations that will accommodate them, attempting to reunite ex-service personnel with their families, setting up offices all over the UK and finding volunteers to help run them.

Naturally, as this organisation receives no government funding, donations will be required to cover running expenses (storage areas, transportation etc.). People with fundraising skills will of course be very welcome.

If you can help in any way, with a donation, or have some time to volunteer your services, please visit the “Soldiers off the street” site to find out more.

The British are well known for their generosity when it comes to worthwhile causes, and this is a great opportunity to help those that have helped us.