Reiki Master Jaclyn Kalkhurst Teaches Truths About Reiki

About Jaclyn Kalkhurst

Jaclyn Kalkhurt has over twenty years of experience with the intuitive arts and comes from a long line of healers and seers. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jaclyn’s upbringing was unique. At home, she was influenced at an early age by her father’s studies of Chinese Medicine, Chi-Gong, and the healing techniques of Barbara Brennan. Creating balls of energy between her hands and looking for people’s auras were just things she did with her Dad every day.

Jaclyn Kalkhurst: Education

In secondary school, Jaclyn began Reiki and Sekhem training under the tutelage of Valerie Richards, her biology teacher who was also a Reiki and Sekhem Master. By the time Jaclyn graduated and left for college in the United States, she had attained Reiki Level 2 and Sekhem Level 2 certification.

Jaclyn has completed her training in Usui Reiki, attaining a Master’s certification through Samadhi for Peace, under the guidance of Jona Genova. She has also attained a Master’s certification in Holy Fire/Karuna Reiki from ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training) and learned directly from William Lee Rand. Jaclyn is now practicing Reiki full time and is a proud Affiliate member of ICRT.

Jaclyn Kalkhurst: Healing Practice

Jaclyn’s healing practice is informed by the many traditions she has studied through the years. A session with Jaclyn draws upon her wealth of interdisciplinary experiences and work to address her clients needs as holistically and effectively as possible. Principally, what guides Jaclyn in her practice is a true heart and a sincere desire to heal.


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An Exclusive Interview with Jaclyn Kalkhurst – Part Two

Jaclyn Kalhurst: Like many others, it took me getting very ill before I decided to fully commit. And yes, I asked the same question to myself when I committed, “Why didn’t I do this years ago?” I had always thought that doing my alternative healing practice was something I was going to do when I was much older. When I was too old and tired of everything else that I wanted to pursue.

I was working really hard as a Union Stage Manager doing theatrical arts and special events all over L.A. I ignored my health, ate whatever I wanted, drank whatever I wanted and at the end of the day, I was far too tired to care about anyone or anything except for the job. With all of these problems though I started having chronic U.T.I. I was prescribed antibiotics a lot which totally damaged my insides.

One day the symptoms just wouldn’t go away. I even landed myself in the E.R. because the pain was too much. However, the doctor couldn’t find any infection. They sent me to see a specialist who couldn’t find anything physically wrong with me either. So Dr. Abby sat me down and asked me the hard question “How is life for you right now?” She pointed out to me that a lot of this has to do with stress and not keeping myself healthy. My case was called interstitial cystitis.

Healed by Energy Work and Correct Thinking

I started seeing a New Age therapist who was a Life Coach on top of being an energy healer herself (She wasn’t a Reiki healer but a Light Healer). I worked with Kathleen Dayvolt for years until the bitter end when she passed away. She changed my life and really pushed me to challenge my concepts of life. What was life about and what was it that I wanted it to be. Most importantly, she taught me about self love and how that is really they key to everything and everyone else.

When she passed away that really hit home for me about all the things that I wasn’t doing that made me happy. Reiki was only just one of them. I took 6 months off from Stage Managing and started taking classes in everything that I had put off for so long. I went to go and get my Masters certification for Reiki. I was not exactly thinking that I was going to do a practice out of it, but really just for myself and to further my knowledge and self healing.

Reiki Practice Becomes In Huge Demand

Part of the certification process though was practicing on other people. One person told another person that I was doing this. Then they told another person and another person. Suddenly I was getting complete strangers asking me for sessions. At the time I was doing this all out of my home. I wasn’t exactly comfortable with the idea of having strangers coming into my place.

So I got an office in Downtown L.A., and boom! I am proud to say that I haven’t had a single U.T.I infection since, even the chronic Eczema that I had been battling since child hood is gone. I even lost a ton of weight by just being happy and healthy. I truly do wake up every day looking forward to what is next with a smile on my face.

Getting In Tune With Yourself

Although my sickness wasn’t life threatening, it did scare me enough when the doctors couldn’t tell me definitively what was wrong with me. Now that I am here, I do see the power of our own blinders and how ignoring yourself is really what is the ultimate sickness behind everything. If you are in tune with yourself, you can be in tuned to others and to everything around you. And that is what leads to happiness, in my most humble opinion.

Hollywood Sentinel: Wow! That makes perfect sense. What is your biggest goal in life now?

Jaclyn Kalkhurst: That has definitely changed over the last few years. I was just having this same conversation the other day and I came to the conclusion that for the first time in my life, I have no goal and I am perfectly happy with that. Having no goal actually leaves the doors all open for any kind of possibilities. Sure I have things that I would like to do. However they are by no means things that I have to accomplish by a certain deadline. I now know that those are not controllable things.

Living In Present Time

In Buddhism they focus on living in the moment and to not dwell in the past or the future. And that is what I try to do every day. It is really, really hard. Probably the hardest thing I have ever tried to mentally tackle. But when I do get it, I am in bliss. I suddenly start seeing the sun shining, the beautiful flowers that cover L.A., the great sounds the city makes, the way the mountains rise up in the distance and think how incredible tectonic plates are, etc. You really do start seeing everything in awe.

Hollywood Sentinel: Yes, that’s great! What do you love most about Reiki?

Jaclyn Kalkhurst: The quiet that comes with the practice. The true honor that you have to feel when waving your hands over someone else. It is as much of a meditation for me as it is for the client on the bed. Every person is different so it is like looking at a new painting each time with it’s intricate etchings and flows of color.

Hollywood Sentinel: Wow, cool. How often should a person get a Reiki session? Can a person get too much?

Jaclyn Kalkhurst: This is what I say to all my clients that ask the very same question. Unlike regular doctors or medication this does not work on a linear clock. You do not prescribe Reiki exactly every two days or every once a week. Reiki really requires the individual to “feel” how they are doing and to ask themselves “How am I doing today?” The idea is that eventually your energy field is stable enough to exist without assistants from someone else.

So for everyone, their need for Reiki is very different. A person who battles panic attacks will need it more than someone who is just suffering a mild headache that day. I will also say that a person can definitely do too much. Like video games (yes I am comparing this to video games), being in a meditative state can be more preferable than living in the real world. They prefer to check out then to deal with every day problems. Reiki then becomes an alternate place that they can “exist” in. Which is basically ignoring your problems too and not addressing your proper energetic balance.

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s very interesting. How should a person prepare for a session with you?

Jaclyn Kalkhurst: Be open and soft. You do not need to bring anything except for your mind, body and spirit. Some people prefer to wear comfortable clothes when they lie down on the massage table. However I have definitely done chair Reiki too for those people who physically find lying down painful. It depends, again, on a person’s comfort level mentally and physically.

Hollywood Sentinel: What one thing do you want clients to always know and remember about you?

Jaclyn Kalkhurst: Everyone is unique and I respect and honor uniqueness. I am also here to help your uniqueness to be more balanced and at peace.

Contact Jaclyn in Los Angeles at 213-265-7220, and visit her official website at:

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