Physicians Discover Scalp Care Is Key To Natural Hair Recovery

Caring for your hair is a top priority for many, but with many people not caring for the scalp, hair loss can occur. Although this can be fixed by changing the daily routine to remove build-up, there are some forms of hair loss that can only be resolved through undergoing an FUE hair transplant. However, for those that are lucky enough to not require surgery such as this, a deep clean of the scalp may resolve the hair loss naturally. Here is some insight into why the scalp needs to be healthy to see hair growth.

Build-up Can Block Nourishment

A healthy scalp is crucial for the hair to gain nourishment and sebum build-up can block this. If the pores in the scalp become blocked, this will starve the follicle of oxygen, causing it to die or become damaged. By removing this build up, shampoo and conditioner can seep into the hair, allowing it to appear visibly shinier and more nourished.

Scalp Acne Can Cause Damage

If sebaceous build-up lasts too long, then this could lead to an increase in harmful bacteria which could lead to acne. Not only is this uncomfortable on the scalp, but it can lead to the hair becoming starved of oxygen and nutrients, causing it to itch. At this time, it is important to look into what may be causing the acne as well as removing build-up from the scalp to prevent breakage of the hair over a prolonged period. Sometimes this acne can be caused by allergy, therefore it is important to try to prevent this.

Scalp Massage Increases Blood Flow

A scalp massage is a great way of increasing blood flow to the scalp, helping to get the hair the nutrients that it needs. This is key to the natural re-growth of hair as this will provide it with the vitamins needed to begin to grow naturally. Though this may take time depending on the reasoning behind the hair loss, it is a simple way of ensuring the hair is healthy from root to tip without using any harsh chemicals or other medications that could lead to other issues.

Build-up Can lead To Harmful Bacteria

Harmful bacteria on the scalp can potentially cause skin irritation and eczema that can cause damage to the hair. If irritation occurs, it is important to restore the moisture in the scalp. This will help to prevent further irritation and begin to fight the effects that this can be having on the strand. Although it is a long process, using a deep conditioning mask that is free from perfume can help to keep the hair moisturised without causing further irritation in the process, leaving the scalp to recover naturally on its own and encouraging natural growth.

With this in mind, there are a number of ways that a healthy scalp can benefit normal hair growth as this is the foundation for healthy hair at the root and the tip.

Kristin Donahue
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