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Kristin Donahue writes about finance and business, looking for interesting topics to cover.
City Finance Photo by Jordan on Unsplash

What’s Happening With Bad Credit Loans?

This year alone, huge players in the finance industry, particularly in niche pockets of the industry, have collapsed and gone into administration. Primarily, these...

Physicians Discover Scalp Care Is Key To Natural Hair Recovery

Caring for your hair is a top priority for many, but with many people not caring for the scalp, hair loss can occur. Although...
student graduate

A Guide For Graduates To Find Their Feet After Graduation

Finding financial stability at any point in life is difficult, but this is harder for those that have just graduated from university. Though there...
financial changes to watch

Key Day-To-Day Financial Changes To Watch In 2019

As 2019 swings into action, the UK's financial situation is a growing concern. In light of 2019's new budget and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit,...
clock desk ppi claims.

The Effect PPI Compensation Claims Could Have On Lenders

Since the early 2010s, millions have been paid out from various banks and lenders in the form of compensation. This has increased in recent...

Nissan In Talks Over Renault Merger

Nissan and Renault are in talks to merge and solidify their 20-year-old alliance under a single stock, according to reports. As electric vehicles and...
nhs pain solutions.

Non-Dental Pain Solutions Cost The NHS Millions

Recent studies have shown that only 30% of parents are taking their children to the dentist when toothache occurs, with the majority of other...
smart home technology.

What Did CES 2018 Have To Offer The Accessibility Market?

CES 2018 was set to be the biggest and best yet, and it certainly didn't disappoint. Automation was a prominent focus from industry leaders...
efficient hair transplant techniques. Image by katyandgeorge from Pixabay

Hair Transplant Techniques Are More Efficient Than Ever

The cosmetic surgery industry has been booming for the past few years. The incorporation of many new technological innovations within procedures have boosted efficiency...
disability-friendly workplace.

How To Create A Disability-Friendly Workplace

A disability-friendly workplace can have a significant impact on employees, and business culture.Possible changes include enabling mobility scooter access, forming a support group to...
bridging loan finance.

UK Bridging Loan Industry Set To Grow Again In 2018

With an increase in British property demand and prices, there is growing pressure on banks and other financial institutions to supply funding for new...
transport. Photo by Rodrigo Abreu on Unsplash

How To Save Money On A Regular Courier Service

As the cost of labour increases, sending a parcel via a regular courier service gets more expensive every year. Many people begrudge paying the...

Book Review: How Much is Enough?

Review of a financial planning book. Book topics range from getting out of debt, investing, retiring to estate planning.