NYC Ebola Case – Returning Doctor Isolated at Bellevue with 100.2 degree fever

A new Ebola case in the U.S. is reportedly linked to a Doctors Without Border medic who self-reported very early symptoms and was immediately placed in isolation at Bellevue Hospital in New York City.

Yesterday 33 year old Dr. Craig Spencer completed his twice daily self-check after returning from treating Ebola patients in West Africa and discovered a very low-grade fever.

He immediately contacted Doctors Without Borders, the volunteer group he works with, which quickly arranged a total isolation from his apartment to a special entrance at Bellevue Hospital where he is now being treated.

It is important to recall that ALL medical evidence dating back decades has shown that those with Ebola are NOT able to pass along the infection to anyone else unless they are actively sick, usually quite ill, and even then merely being in the same room or touching a dry surface they had contacted would not cause an infection.

You can ONLY catch Ebola with direct WET contact with an infected animal or sick person’s bodily fluids.

Dr. Spencer had apparently traveled on the subway system and even went bowling, but all BEFORE showing even the minor 100.2 degree fever which he quickly reported.

It is being reported by NY Governor Cuomo and others that there are only three direct contacts who are now being monitored.

New York recently announced that it has designating 8 hospitals as prepared for Ebola patients.

Governor Cuomo released this statement: “New York State’s Ebola plan calls for eight hospitals statewide to handle all patients diagnosed with Ebola, with plans to designate additional hospitals going forward. The following eight hospitals have agreed to the designation and are creating isolation units to accept patients”:

  • Mt. Sinai in Manhattan
  • New York Presbyterian in Manhattan
  • Bellevue in Manhattan
  • Montefiore in the Bronx
  • North Shore/LIJ Health System in Nassau County
  • Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse
  • University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester
  • Stony Brook University Hospital on Long Island “
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