Mental Illness in Women

I would like to highlight something that is called mental illness in women particularly sometimes in the female gender of children and teens. I personally have had a lot of conflict in this area throughout my life. I wasn’t sure if it was from the ignorance of the coming of age or just a complete misunderstanding of intellect.

I find more and more everyday as my wings spread their greatest, I wake up nights with stories in my head that I desperately have to get down on paper. I have to wonder how many more women out there feel the same need that are misdiagnosed with mental illness.

Having been a radio show host and interviewing over 75 women on various issues, I found a common complaint among women was the misunderstanding of their emotional state like all of them just trying to express themselves. This was a great concern to me, especially with treatments being sought for some of the woman without their consent.

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I know when I was trying to find myself after receiving my first initial brain injury due to abuse, I was found at fault for asking, what I thought were, mere questions on subjects of conversation. I thought everyone was crazy and they thought that of me. I had no boundaries then, and I would be amazed to get near the confines of what I was taught was off limits for conversation – with no fear. The better I got with this, I had to wonder why I had to question myself so much ever in my life.

I was left with the feeling I had to learn to speak all over again – to think seriously as a woman before I speak. It was even suggested of me at times that mental health treatment should be sought for me. I’m still dumbfounded over this. I wrote many books on this to help me heal and try to find myself because I felt so lost and alone over this. When I consulted support groups, I saw other patients losing their lives and minds due to medications. I knew I would die from that.

Other women’s stories caught my attention and my focus shifted drastically upon them. Most of the women I interviewed had just started their venture and I saw them to their greatest accomplishments in their lives. I don’t know what crazy is, but I do love myself, though I still haven’t caught up with everyone else yet.

Please touch base with me and let me know what you think.