Ethnic Albania is Not ‘Greater Albania’

“Greater Albania” doesn’t exist, but Greater Serbia, yes! Its entire territory consists of indigenous territories looted from Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Albania (1878-1945) by wars, aggressions, expulsions, terror and genocide. Thus speaks history and the new history of three Serbia’s aggressions and genocide committed against Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo (1992-1999), made just to enlarge the historical artificial borders of the Greater Serbia.

This truth is known very well not only in Serbia and its political leaders, but also in todays Europe. However, for centuries they didn’t want to face this historical, ethnic and geopolitical reality (XIX, XX, XXI) in the Balkans.

This is the problem between Serbia and Albania, not any kind of “Greater Albania” because it has never existed through its history neither theoretically nor practically, but only in the sick minds of the Serbian psychological and political paranoia to create and enlarge Greater Serbia in order to protect and justify itself in the face of the Europe and its historical and traditional allies including Russia as a military, political and religious protector through the centuries and today, too. This is the truth, not pure political and propagandistic fabrication of the Greater Serbia which for centuries (1844-2015) tried to protect its existence and justify its colonial conquests of Albanian, Croatian, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Bosnian indigenous territories.

Viewed in historical diopter, Serbia was a small country, but after she gained independence in 1878 by the Congress of Berlin and the London Conference of 1912-1913, on the basis of their absurd and unjust historical and political decisions Serbia, Montenegro and Greece were granted with neighboring territories of Albania. That was the greatest political mistake of the European Greater Powers because they have created a Greater Serbia (Velika Serbija) in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula.

Since then, and even today in the 21th century (second decade) this inter-territorial geopolitical problem between Serbia, Albania, Hungary, Croatia and Bosnia remained unresolved. This is the serious and very dangerous problem – Greater Serbia/Velika Serbia/ for security, stability and peace in Balkans, not any kind of the fabricated aspersions of the “Greater Albania” or “Greater Croatia” as held forth and lying Serbian cohesive political propaganda of official Belgrade such is and this declaration of Serbian Justice Minister, Nikola Selakovic who reacted against the common cooperation between Kosovo and Albania, allegedly that Pristina’s and Tirana’s governments in their common official meeting in Tirana by 23 March 2015, showed to the world that they are trying to create “Greater Albania”

Selakovic’s political-propagandistic lie is a good fairytale to cheat kids to go to sleep because at that Albanian common meeting between two governments it was not discussed, nor was any agreement signed for the creation of any “Greater Albania.” What was debated and signed was a series of 11 agreements to advance their mutual and strategic national interests (politics, economy,security, order, justice, education, agriculture, customs, energy etc.) via the European Union standards and criteria of the integration and democratization.

Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama after that meeting in Tirana, declared “The unification of the Albanian people comes through the EU” which it doesn’t mean establishment of any type of the “Greater Albania,” but natural and reasonable unification of one people and two Albanian countries (Kosovo and Albania) through European joining and perspective.

This proved not only 11 agreements and memorandums signed between two governments, but and this slogan of the Albanian unification through European integration : “ONE LAND, ONE PEOPLE, ONE DREAM!” It’s the Natural Albania, not at all the “Greater Albania” as is fabricated and invented by the Greater Serbia-Velika Serbia (1844-2015), but only natural Albania within its ethnic, historical and geopolitical borders in the Balkans Peninsula.

Also, this doesn’t mean any potential peril neither for Europe, Balkan, nor for Serbia, but it is true, that have to bear in mind Serbia, the Balkans, the European Union, NATO, the United States and the international community.

Otherwise, Serbia again is going to try to return back its previous illegal colonial sovereignty in Albanian Kosovo ostensibly then (1912-1999). There’s no doubt that it’s the main reason why Belgrade’s leadership, Serbian Orthodox Church and the other their allies scaring and cheating the EU, NATO and America allegedly the interstate cooperation between official Pristina and Tirana means creation of the “Greater Albania!?”

This centuries-old fairytale so-called “Greater Albania” no one should believe in Europe, nor in the world because it is only one political and demagogic propaganda against native Albanians and their Natural Albania whereby that Serbs are aimed protecting and expanding the artificial borders of their Greater Serbia-Velika Srbija.

On the basis of the facts on the ground and historical data “Serbia tried to appropriate Kosovo since the Russo-Turkish war 1877-78 and did so in the Balkan wars of 1912-13. Politicians and academics continuously advocated over a century and more the incorporation of Kosovo in Serbia and the expulsion of its overwhelmingly Albanian population. Both before and after the Second World War Serbian governments tried to secure the deportation of large numbers of Albanians to Turkey.”

“In 1989 Slobodan Milosevic abrogated the limited autonomy granted to Kosovo in 1974, and repeated the policy of killing and expelling all Albanians. The Albanians retorted with an Declaration of independence in 1992, which the Serbs ignored. Thereafter neither Serbs nor Albanians were wiling to go back to the autonomy in the new Yugoslav federation equal to that of Montenegro but most no longer had faith in anything except independence.” (Peter Calvocoressi, World Politics 1945-2000, 2001, p.351).