H1N1 Vaccine Side Effects Memorandum Issued by Turkish Republic

Ministry of Health of Turkish Republic has sent a memorandum recently, to all the vaccination centres in Turkey, outlining the common and seldom seen but very frightening side effects of the swine flu vaccine. These were published in Milliyet Daily under the heading “Korkutan Yan Etkiler” (Frightening Side Effects)

None of these serious side effects are mentioned in the information supplied by Sweden’s Socialstyrelsen, assumably not to frighten the people. Nevertheless they are true and information about them is provided by the vaccine producer company. Turkey uses the same vaccine as Sweden. Here are the seldom seen, but very serious side effects:

– serious allergic reactions

– Inflammation of the nerves

– Trombositopeni (serious bleeding in the internal organs including the brain and the digestive system.)

– Blood thinning medicine users extra susceptible. (Like waran, plavix, trombyl- and all heart disease patients use these.)

– Nefrititis. (Kidney disorder)

– Vasculit

– Convulsion (loss of consciousness and muscle pain with severe rhythmical disorder)

– Encephalitis (brain inflammation)

– Guillen-Barr syndrome

– Bell paralysis (paralysis of the facial nerves)

– Demielinisation (Loss of the outer membrane of the nerves.)

– Occulorespiratory syndrome. (Serious difficulty in breathing.)

A doctor in Turkey, while being vaccinated against swine flu, entered a coma / Turkish press. Nov 6, 2009. He was not allergic to eggs. His life was saved in the hospital where he works and was vaccinated. He recommends vaccinations are performed in hospitals only, to be able to help the patients who may enter coma.

Minister of Health (Turkey) was vaccinated against swine flu, in front of TV cameras, yet, PM refused to be vaccinated pointing to the dangers inherent in the vaccine. Many doctors in Turkey like the British doctors (said to be 50% of them and Italian doctors 60% and many Swedish doctors refuse to be vaccinated. In other countries, surely the situation is similar.

We have read the news that Israel stopped vaccinations after 4 died of the vaccine. In Iraq 1 person died of the vaccine (2 days ago.) In Sweden 2 died of vaccine. In Switzerland vaccine was prohibited to be given to elderly because of its harms, unless they belong to risk zone. In the USA, a girl became paralyzed after the vaccine. (Various countries’ press can be checked as to the number of people died of the swine flu vaccine, as well as the number of people who have been damaged by it severely. Such a study would indeed be exemplary and can be sold to the press agencies.) Swedish authorities seem to stop any and all negative remarks and news re this vaccine, though evidence exists.

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