Google Adds Fact-Checked Health Information to Search Results

Most of us tend to turn toward Google search engine when it comes to searching for information online. In fact, according to Google, one in 20 searches on Google search engine is about a health-related problem. So the tech giant has decided to add fact-checked health information to search results.

Google has sought the help of doctors at the Mayo Clinic to compile and evaluate the information. In the upcoming days, users will receive relevant medical facts from the knowledge graph when they search about health conditions on Google search. Google launched the Knowledge Graph in May 2012 to improve its search engine’s search results. Users will be able to learn about the signs, symptoms and treatments. In addition, users will also get to know how critical or contagious a condition is. The software giant believes that all this information will help users to make better health decisions.

At present, the search results are available in the US only. However, Google has revealed that it will expand its results to other parts of the world and cover more health conditions.

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The company also said that users should not consider these search results as medical advice. It further added that the information is for informational purposes only and does not constitute doctor’s advice. Users should consult their doctor if they think they are not well.

Google is not the only company that wants to provide health information to its users. HealthTap is an interactive website where people can look for medical advice. The company was founded by Ron Gutman in 2010 and has a network of more than 62,000 doctors.

Since its set-up in 2009, Bing, another search engine, has been providing good quality health information to its users. It is collecting information from reputable sources. Nowadays, it seems that Bing is using health information from Wikipedia to provide its users with instant answers.