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Mala Srivastava covers science, health and technology for various online publications. She holds a Master of Science in microbiology and a Master of Pharmaceutical Business Management.
kind bar

FDA Says KIND Bars Are Not Healthy

The snack bar company KIND received a warning letter from the Food and Drug Administration saying many of the company's products are not as healthy as advertised, USA Today reported.
gliese 581d

Earth-Like Planet Does Exist, New Research Claims

Researchers believe that the planet named Gliese 581d, which was identified in 2010 orbiting around the star Gliese 581, does exist, Daily Mail Online reported. The planet is likely to be twice the size of our planet Earth and has life-supporting co
iron age bronze cauldron

Archaeologists Discover Tomb and Chariot of an Iron Age Celtic Prince...

Archaeologists have discovered a tomb and chariot of an Iron Age Celtic prince in France, according to Daily Mail Online.

ISIS Threatens Twitter Co-founder and Employees

ISIS supporters sent death threats to Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and Twitter employees over blocked ISIS accounts. They posted a picture of Dorsey in the crosshairs of a gun.
youtube kids

YouTube Kids App Now Available for Free on Google Play Store

The tech giant Google has launched a child-friendly app called YouTube Kids. Can browse playlists and channel in four categories: Explore, Learning, Music and Shows.
lollipop update

Android 5.1 Lollipop Update for Google Nexus 4 May Start Rolling...

According to Android Geeks, Android 5.1 Lollipop Update for Google Nexus 4 may begin rolling out soon. Google Nexus 5, Google Nexus 7, Google Nexus 10 and other supported devices will also receive the Lollipop update.
nonmobile google helpouts service

Google to Shut Down Its Helpouts Service

On Friday, February 13, the software giant Google declared that it will shut down its Google Helpouts service on April 20 this year.
mattel viewmaster

Google and Mattel Collaborate to Revamp Age-old View-Master

The search engine giant Google has teamed up with the toymaker Mattel to drag the age-old View-Master into the 21st century, with Android technology.
carrier locked phone

Cell Carriers Now Can Unlock Wireless Mobile Phone Without The Fuzz

US carriers have made it easier to unlock your wireless mobile device that was previously locked forever, a move that many have been asking for.

ISIS-Linked Group Hacks Newsweek’s Twitter Feed

A hacker group called Cyber Caliphate hacked Newsweek's Twitter Feed on Tuesday. Threatening messages to US President Barack Obama were posted.
dr google

Google Adds Fact-Checked Health Information to Search Results

The tech giant will add fact-checked health information to its search results, after collaborating with doctors at the Mayo clinic.
samsung smart tv

Samsung Smart TV Can Share Your ‘Secrets’ To Third Parties

Your Samsung smart television may be spying on you and sending your private conversations to third parties. It may be useful to some, but there is a way to turn it off.
dexcom glucose monitor

Apple Watch Now Provides Glucose Tracking App

Apple Watch will offer people with diabetes an app to track their blood sugar levels
high there

High There: An App Especially for Pot Smokers

High There is a new dating app for Potheads. A Denver-based start up has created the app, which works just like Tinder for everyone else.
durak malware

Security Firm Avast Detects Malware on Google Play Apps

Security firm Avast has found a malware called adware on Google Play apps. As of this writing, Google has removed the three adware-infected Android apps from its Google Play app store.

Crucial Purchases AVS Networks

Sydney-based Web hosting provider Crucial has acquired AVS Networks,a domain hosting and registration firm