ISIS Threatens Twitter Co-founder and Employees

Supporters of the Syria-based ISIS network have sent death threats to Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and Twitter employees over blocked ISIS accounts, according to CNET. They posted a message online that shows a picture of the Twitter co-founder in the crosshairs of a gun. Also, the message persuades jihadis to kill Twitter employees.

A Twitter spokesman said that their security team is probing the veracity of the threats with law enforcement officials. In the past, Twitter has closed many accounts. But their efforts proved fruitless because whenever ISIS accounts were suspended, many new accounts were created. In January, the terrorist group posted a video on Twitter instructing its followers to attack targets in the West.

The social networking site Twitter has suspended 2,000 accounts linked to the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group and its supporters. It seems that the social media company has declared war on ISIS.

According to American security officials, the terror organization ISIS has used social media networks, including Twitter, to hire fighters from 90 countries. The suspension of ISIS accounts was not due to U.S. government pressure. It was, in fact, due to increased media reporting. According to Twitter’s guidelines, users are not allowed to post threats of violence against others.