Food Hero Mimi Kozma on The Mission to Help Kids With Special Needs

Food Hero Mimi Kozma prepares dishes suitable for children with disabilities.

Mimi recently launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to run the second season of her show.

As well as being a master home chef and radio personality, Food Hero Mimi Kozma is a special education teacher, a mother and a wife.

She grew up with a younger sister who struggled with extreme learning disabilities, and Mimi saw how her parents worked hard to find solutions and support for her sister.

This taught her that “the challenges faced by a family of a child with special needs, be it medical, educational and/or psychological are complex, often misunderstood and unquestionably underappreciated.”

It was all of this that led her to develop her “Food Hero” persona.

So now Food Hero Mimi Kozma helps families struggling with the same kinds of issues that her family struggled with. She does it through her work with food.

She pursued a degree in Special Education and after completing it, she used her love of cooking, fresh ingredients and the food industry to create Food Hero Mimi Kozma.

The show airs on America’s Talk Radio.

Food Hero Mimi Kozma has now set a new goal. She says, “I want to travel America to tell those unique stories, surprise those families with a tremendous meal and top it off with a reveal of something completely unexpected.”

Season 2 of Food Hero Mimi Kozma focuses on families with children with special needs. In each episode, Mimi Kozma is asked to meet a challenge to create a delicious meal for the family while still considering the needs of the child.

The IndieGoGo campaign can be found at There are multiple pledge levels from $10 all the way through to $25,000, and there are prizes from t-shirts to full wrap-around logo placement when appearing on the show. You can discover more about the available pledge levels and associated specific prizes at the IndieGoGo page.