Fitness And Health Crazes Over The Last Decade Examined

The last few decades have been full of different fitness and health trends that large numbers of people have adopted. These trends have been both flashes in the pan lasting only a few months due to the trend not yielding results as well as trends that have turned into lifestyles that people have adopted. This article will be taking a look at some of the most successful trends that have changed the way many people view fitness and health. Social media has changed how these trends spread with a multitude of influencers in the fitness niche having millions of followers. The following are a look at fitness and health trends over the last decade as well as the results of these trends.


Crossfit set the stage for even more group fitness type gyms to pop up. There has been quite a battle between those that think Crossfit is unhealthy and those people that swear by it. The sense of community that many gyms create helps keep people coming back time after time. The drawback can be that depending on a coach or who owns the gym the workouts could be geared towards what they like to do. One gym might do quite a bit of running or sprints while another focuses far more on Olympic lifts. Crossfit will continue to be a staple in the fitness world although not as popular as it had once been.

A Plethora Of Spinning

Spinning is a great workout and it seems like spinning classes are offered anywhere they can be. The interactive classes can be motivating as well as fun as there are even spinning classes where the participants enjoy a glass of wine or a beer. Spinning being low impact makes it far better on the joints than running on concrete. Being able to track your heart rate allows a person to put themselves in the optimum cardio state or even help them ramp up their workout to an anaerobic based workout.

Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet was actually adopted by many Crossfitters but follows a trend of low carb diets that seem to spring up every couple of years. The Ketogenic diet is a new version with different restrictions than the Paleo diet along with different benefits. The Paleo diet is often called the caveman diet due to only being able to eat foods that were available during the time of the caveman. This helps cut out breads, processed foods, sugary drinks, and even milk. People have found quite a bit of success using this diet in terms of energy levels and the obvious weight loss that comes with cutting out unhealthy carbs.

Technology Holding Us Accountable

The best aspect of technology evolving when it comes to health and fitness is that of technology helping us hold ourselves accountable. A piece of technology being able to tell an individual how many steps a person takes in a day and helps push a person to that goal can be a huge motivator. Technology has also made it easier than ever to look up nutritional facts on certain foods. A food that a person thought was healthy actually could be detrimental to the goals they have. Tracking food intake can allow people to count their calories and stay on track as far as their diet goes. Any person that has a hard time with motivation needs to think about downloading an app or program that can help them reach their goals. Websites like also have a plethora of information on nearly every topic a person could wonder about personal health.

Fitness trends are going to continue to spring up with some becoming staples of the fitness community. Take time to research different trends rather than try them out as some can be dangerous.

Melissa Thompson
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