Omar Ascha, Finance Professional, Talks Five Ways to Ensure Success on the Job

Whether on the fast track in a career that you love or simply working a job to get a paycheck, there are steps one can take to ensure success in the workplace. As long as someone is there anyway, it is best to put one’s best foot forward and reap as much reward from the day as possible. By embracing these ideas, it is possible to set up for advancement on the job in no time.

Omar Ascha‘s five ways to ensure success at the job:

  1. Dress for Success

Anyone who thinks that skills are the most important thing when it comes to career advancement, is only looking at half the picture. Appearance also plays an integral part in job success. For someone that works in an office, it is helpful to always dress up a level. Instead of dressing to match peers, study how the most successful supervisor dresses and emulate her. On the other hand, if workplace has a uniform, make sure that it’s always immaculate. Ensure that it’s cleaned, pressed and has no missing buttons, rips, tears or loose threads. Looking the part on the job is often half the battle. Once someone attracts attention by looking good, then it is much easier to wow them with your knowledge and experience.

  1. Cultivate Contacts

Be nice to everyone with whom come in contact during a business day. From the parking lot attendant to the receptionist to the janitor to the CEO of the company, always treat others with sincere respect. Take an interest in learning personal details about the people you meet so it is possible to reference those details in future conversations. Build a reputation as a team player who’s always considerate of others no matter what their position is and it a rise to the top is possible.

  1. Study for the Part

If there’s a position to which someone aspires, it is vital to learn as much about what it requires as possible. Offer to take on tasks that belong to that position and learn them in order to inevitably be the backup person for that position when the primary worker has to be off. Pretend to be an understudy for the part in a play and know everything that’s required for the desired position.

  1. Practice Good Attendance

While everyone occasionally has things that come up that they need to take care of during the work day, do the best to keep your personal business to after working hours. Find a doctor with evening hours and try to schedule appointments around the work schedule. Locate backup daycare for children for times when they can’t attend regular daycare to avoid calling off for those last-minute emergencies when Amber has lice, or Joey is running a slight fever. Do the best to keep time off work to those times which are scheduled ahead of time.

  1. Practice Honesty

Always tell the truth on the job. Earn a reputation as someone who keeps his word and does what he says he’s going to do. When promising to cover a shift for a coworker, make sure to be there on time and prepared to work. When making a mistake on the job, own up to it and correct it. If someone asks for an opinion, consider the situation and then provide them with honest feedback. When someone is known for honesty, credibility will be unquestioned, and coworkers and superiors will respect one’s opinion and trust his or hers word.

By putting some thought into behavior and actions at work, it is possible to easily set up for success in the future. Realize that even when it doesn’t seem like it, higher-ups are observing and making a note of skills, abilities, and attitude on the job. When someone always makes a point to excel, it is much easier to leap on any appealing opportunity as soon as it becomes available.

About Omar Ascha:

Omar Ascha is an experienced and driven finance professional who provides highly analytical solutions in the realm of finance. He renders solutions to his clients with issues relating to mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, strategic advisory and credit, and equity investing. Mr. Ascha holds a degree in Political Economy from the University of California at Berkley.

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