Finding a therapist online – Knowing how to choose between the different types

Is your life or your marriage suffering? If you answered yes, you are probably in need of a therapist. You may not even realize it but the best way to overcome and resolve many of your issues is to simply communicate, not only with yourself and/or your significant other, but with a licensed professional. What’s even more interesting to note is that many people do in fact understand they require the help of a therapist, yet they often find speaking to someone daunting and intimidating. There are many reasons for this (stigmas, etc.), and this is understandable. So, if you’re feeling anxious, you shouldn’t back down. You should know there are viable alternatives such as speaking with an online therapist. This will allow you to remain anonymous, among countless other benefits. If you wish to try this route, you may find a therapist here. It also helps that speaking with a licensed professional online is quick, easy, and, as already noted, discreet.

Now there are different types of therapists like psychiatrists, family and marriage therapist, psychologist, licensed counselor, social worker and several other categories. Which one do you wish to seek help from? Take a look at the different types.


If you don’t know who they are doctors who tend to specialize in treatment and diagnosis of psychiatric or mental illnesses. Psychiatrists usually have medical training and they’re also licensed to recommend drugs to the patients. They are even trained in talk therapy or psychotherapy and this aims to alter the thought process and behavior of the person.


They have got doctoral degrees in psychology and they’re the ones who study human behavior, human mind and they’re even trained in psychotherapy, counseling and psychological testing which uncovers emotional issues which you may not even know of. One of the main treatments of a psychologist is cognitive behavioral therapy. Through this therapy to let people recognize and change all their inaccurate thoughts which they may have nurtured about themselves or about the people around them. Psychologists aren’t qualified or licensed to write down medicines and for that matter, they might refer you to a psychiatrist.


These are the counselors who according to the state need to have a master’s degree in counseling and more than 3000 hours of experience post-masters. They’re either certified or licensed to diagnose independently and treat emotional and mental disorders. They have the authority and also the license to offer help.


These are specialists who offer social services in health related organizations which are governed by care organizations. Their ultimate aim is to improve and maintain a social and psychological functioning and they offer counseling and empathy with regards to different interpersonal issues. Social workers help people in dealing with their relationships and solve family and personal issues.

Hence, if you have to choose an online therapist, you have to make sure the type of counselor that you’re searching for. Choose any from the above listed kinds according to the mental issue you suffer from.

Melissa Thompson
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