Brooke Mueller Makes Wrong Decision With Hippie Drug Treatment

Charlie Sheen’s ex, Brooke Mueller, is taking a drug trip to Mexico today Sunday to ingest a bunch of hallucionogens in a foolish attempt to break her addictions.

Brooke is going to a treatment facility in Cancun that specializes in the irrational prescribing of a narcotic that is illegal in the U.S. called Ibogaine, a substance extracted from an iboga plant.

Those that push the drug claim that it interrupts addictions to alcohol, cocaine, methadone and heroin. In actuality however, reports Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel, “The drugs anti-addiction properties are short lived, lasting only from a few hours to a few days maximum, with cravings of other addictions returning after the drug is stopped.”

brooke mueller by alexandra wyman
Brooke Mueller in LA, 2008 Creative Commons

Bruce Edwin continutes, “Ibogaine use to treat drug addiction is as foolish as prescribing methadone to herioin addicts who then become meth heads. Taking one drug that one can become addicted to in order to allegedly stop another addiction is replacing one addiction with another addiction. It is not a cure.”

Reporter Bruce Edwin further adds, “Ibogaine use causes dry mouth, neasea, potential vomiting, tracers, hallucinations, distorted feelings, and potential brain damage and heart damage. It is not a safe drug or a solution to addiction. Brooke Muller is making a wrong decision.”