America to Obama: Hands off my Healthcare

Let me begin this article by stating a fact: When a Bipartisan Summit is proposed, the assumption is that both sides will sit down and EQUALLY discuss an issue. Neither side should, let’s say, post a piece of legislation on the internet or, I don’t know, request the other side to send their own proposal. This event should be an open and blank sheet that has no pre-notations or comments.

Despite proposing such an event, President Obama didn’t get the memo on what a “Bipartisan Summit” was and therefore made the exact errors I discussed and more.

Before the “Bipartisan Summit” on Healthcare, suggested by President Obama, Minority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell was on Fox News Sunday questioning why the meeting was occurring when so many Americans were against the pending legislation deemed ObamaCare. Despite NPR polls stating over one half of the nation’s citizens were saying no to the President’s proposal, people are still coughing up the 2700 page document as its being continually shoved down their throats.

Believing the conference was to “shelve the bill and start over”, actions such as positing the legislation on the internet, (i.e. placing it in front of a public that already rejected every word of it), McConnell went on to state the realization that the actions the Obama Administration and his legislative following was “arrogance” and I could not agree more. How can an administration that praises itself on being for the people and a creator of change that the people crave be able to say to the same public, “We know more about this so you just sit there and agree”?

Today, with the legislation on the table, cries from the public and the minority are screaming for it to be shredded before it hurts someone. Cutting Medicare and charging an already fiscally suffering class of people, Americans are screaming until you really do a real “Bipartisan Summit”…HANDS OFF MY HEALTHCARE!