Will Eliminating Parking Tickets Prevent Drunk Driving

There are a few things in life that don’t go together: pickles and chocolate, gummy bears and gravy, or maybe even Cheetos and escargot. You might be surprised to know that parking tickets and drunk driving might not go together, either. That’s because city councilors in Tulsa have rolled out a new program aimed at helping those who have knocked a few too many back, stay off the street after dark.

The program allows ticketed drivers an easy means of dismissing a parking ticket if they can cough up a receipt that proves they used public transportation or ride-share services like Uber and Lyft to get back home after they’ve had too many drinks to safely drive. The only stipulation is that the driver must move the vehicle that was ticketed by noon the next day.

It’s called overnight parking forgiveness. Another requirement is that drivers pick up and fill out a dismissal form for the parking citation in the Tulsa Municipal Courts building. If the program is successful, the required form should be available online soon. Eligibility is also determined by any other unpaid tickets a driver may have. Until paid, they can’t use the program to dismiss a new ticket. So much for your old speeding tickets!

Drivers have ten days to meet the requirements if they want the ticket reversed. In Tulsa, that’s the same amount of time you’re given to pay a ticket.

Councilor Blake Ewing sponsored the program and admits that he doesn’t expect the program will see much use. The way he sees it, if the program can save just one life it’ll be worth it.

The program might spur other cities or state governments to enact programs of their own. How many people make a wrong decision and drive drunk in order to avoid a ticket on their dash the next day? It’s hard to imagine.

Melissa Thompson
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