Why is the State Testing for ‘SPECIAL K,’ when their Thesis is it’s Chloroform?

What does a Gatorade bottle, a syringe filled with a liquid substance, and another Caucasian hair, found on a piece of collection paper, have to do with the Casey Anthony murder trial? And what does a vast array of crazy drugs (Xanax, Klonopin, Roofies, Valium and Special K) have to do with anything? Good question!

It looks like the defense has come back to their senses. Jose Baez probably did more damage to the prosecution case on Wednesday, than at any other time. And this was only a half day. You won’t find anything in the media that backs up what I just said, so don’t bother looking. The most responsible course of action is to watch the 5 raw video reels over on WFTV 9 Orlando.

Maureen Bottrell, a geologist with the FBI, wasn’t able to match nearly two dozen pairs of Casey’s shoes, when testing any dirt that may have been lodged on them, against the soil from the recovery scene. The neighbor’s shovel was eliminated as well. Therefore, Casey can’t be connected directly to this infamous park, that we always seem to be mentioning.

Nothing flashy going down yesterday. Just systematic scientific elimination of culpability. Another example is Karen Lowe, a hair and fiber specialist from the FBI, who we’ve seen before. You must replay her words. No hair found in debris from the Firebird had any detectible decomposition. (One was found in the trunk, don’t forget!)

The part of Ms. Lowe’s testimony that most caught my attention, was that they had found a Caucasian hair in some collection papers. The pool of possible contributors of said hair, were none other than the CSI and FBI lab people themselves. How ridiculous is that? These experts have nothing better to do all day than to test their own contaminated samples!

Baez makes this bunch look like foul-ups! Lowe also tested some duct tape in the Anthony home against the duct tape found at the recovery scene, and these also weren’t matching. One had polyester and cotton and one had only polyester. Notice that the talk shows failed to mention any of Karen Lowe’s surprising testimony from yesterday.

Susan Mares, an Orange County crime scene supervisor, testified that a Gatorade bottle and a dirty syringe were found 7 inches away from the skull at the recovery scene. The liquid in the syringe was identified as a testosterone substance. The liquid in the Gatorade bottle was unknown, but is thought to be a cleaning product, which had small amounts of chloroform.

Is this much ado about nothing? Probably, but once again, it shows you how complex and convoluted things can get, since CSI collected so much trash from Suburban Drive, most of which is most likely unrelated.

But how can we tell what’s unrelated and what’s not? These items were only 7 inches away from the skull. Therefore, they cannot be excluded as being related to the crime, that’s the centerpiece of our attention.

I won’t belabor (the talk shows have already done so) the testimony of Madeline Montgomery, a forensic toxicologist with the FBI, who tested for drugs in Caylee’s hair matte. It’s easy enough to state, all the above drugs tested, came back negative. The real question is why was Madeline testing for all of these zany drugs (including Special K)?

The answer is the State believes Casey drugged little Caylee before applying the duct tape. But isn’t their real thesis that she used Chloroform? Do they think she also used Special K, apparently a cat tranquilizer?

This is getting crazier and crazier every day. And it’s not Jose Baez and Cheney Mason who are LooneyTunes, it’s the State! The point is, all the drugs came back negative. The point is, the shoes had no common dirt. The point is, no match of hairs or fiber.

The point is, gaseous compound merely gasoline. The point is, duct tape not a match. Voluminous ephemera of reasonable doubt (including cat tranquilizer) adds up to acquittal.