Were the Napiers ‘Painkiller Drug Dealers’ in Rural Franklin County, Indiana?

Reporters weren’t exaggerating when they characterized Franklin County, Indiana as rural. Laurel Township, where five people were found dead Sunday, has a population of 510, according to a 2010 census. This rural area is in southern Indiana, about 50 miles southeast of Indianapolis. The five victims have been identified, but other than that the Indiana State Police are not saying much more, other than keep your doors locked.

The deceased have been identified as Angie Napier, Roy Napier, two of their adult children, Melissa Napier and Jacob Napier, and their friend, Henry Smith, whose body was found in a shed across the street (in the 24000 block of Stipps Hill Road). The autopsies were conducted yesterday, but we haven’t heard the cause of death so far.

laurel indiana shooting

Another odd angle to this shrouded but violent incident, is we don’t know whether it was an outsider who killed these people, or whether it was possibly internal, that the killer may be amongst the victims. We do know that neighbors heard gunshots around noon on Sunday, but didn’t give it too much thought, because lots of cattle were being loaded. (This implies you need to shoot your gun when herding your cattle.)

Adding to the puzzlement of a scarcity of information is a sole photo of the trailer where this went down (by The Associated Press) that shows a bunch of green vines covering an edifice that is nearly buried in a tangling thicket of verdure and woods. Is this where Bilbo Baggins lives? Adding to this physical conundrum is a vociferous outpouring of rumor and innuendo!

Drug dealers! Drug dealers! Angie Napier’s (one of the victims) sister, Teresa Richardson, has said the family was involved in drugs. Teresa also said that Roy Napier and Angie Napier sometimes got into fights and even got physical. It’s also suggested that Angie was just visiting the kids and her ex last Sunday afternoon at this secluded mobile home.

This says a lot about what may have happened. It’s more likely it was an internal spat as opposed to an outsider coming over and killing the Napiers. That’s merely a hunch on my part, not proof, so take it or leave it. Thank the Lord one child was spared! A 4-year-old girl was found wandering the street and this is what led to the discovery of the grizzly crime scene.

laurel indiana shed

By piecing together various testimonies of neighbors to the Napiers (from sundry news sources), I’m getting a picture of rural Franklin County, Indiana as having something of a drug problem, and more specifically, painkillers. Painkillers have even surpassed meth in popularity over the past year, according to Kerry Wren, a neighbor to the Napiers (Associated Press).

One obvious sign that drug dealing had been going on, is the great amount of traffic coming in and out of this secluded cul-de-sac of a trailer home. Incidentally, one of the victims, Henry Smith, 43, is known to have frequented the Napier residence, since they were his connection for marijuana. And why was his body found in a different location (an eerie run-down shed – see my pic)?

Still in the dark on most of what may have happened. Maybe we’ll learn more today? And just how rampant is the painkiller drug dealing in this rural part of Indiana? Has this illicit industry replaced the bootlegging of Prohibition days? Could be. Why would five people have to die just over a bunch of sacks of pills? Don’t know yet. Do know, however, bad family blood, oodles of drugs, and money on the line are one volatile Molotov cocktail mix waiting to go off!