Was Rudy Eugene Hypnotized By a Wicked Witch Doctor?

Why did Rudy Eugene turn into a Zombie/Cannibal? Science can’t yet answer the question, nor can psychology. And now we hear that, the merely benign-inducing behavior of marijuana may be the trigger for Rudy’s Mephistophelean metamorphosis over Memorial Day weekend. This scenario recalls the propagandistic twisting of Reefer Madness! Therefore, this has to be wrong! Something else at play here, but what is it?

The likelihood that Eugene turned into a Zombie increases exponentially with each passing day (or with each new toxicology report issued by the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner). I was reading some quotes this morning from those who knew him well. Rudy turned into something he wasn’t before on May 26th. The entire transformation was witnessed by passers-by on the notorious causeway.

rudy eugene ii

Moreover, the scary incident was frozen permanently on video (with a rarity approaching the Zapruder clip) by a surveillance camera mounted on the side of the Miami Herald building. The Miami Herald itself has edited the shocking footage and put a voice-over narrative explanation to it, which gives it a quality of a mini-documentary, that is capturing a significant slice of history, as odd as this sounds (I will link it for you at the end of my piece.)

Well, Deviant History or Crime History has always been a big draw. MSNBC reports that a Miami-Dade college professor, Paul George, is including the attack locale on MacArthur Causeway as a pertinent stop on his ‘Mystery & Mayhem: Crime Tour.’ We can’t fault him for his thoughtfulness of inclusion of said spooky site, when knowing everybody will want to see it, if not channel the spirit that must permeate the troubled space.

Okay, so it’s a part of Miami’s History now, already, after only one month since its filming. *(I realize it was a real event, but a part of me urges me to believe it was only a staged event, perhaps a filming for a movie made for TV.) Yes, I know, it really happened, but why did it happen, if it wasn’t drugs influencing Rudy’s symbiosis into a non-human monster, who growls at a police officer, even after he fires a pistol shot into Rudy’s body? Did a witch doctor put a spell on him?

Other explanations are no zanier. Rudy’s brother (Marchenson Charles) says he became something he wasn’t. Witnesses tell us he was swinging from light poles, throwing his clothes into traffic on the freeway, and get this! Mr. Eugene was pulling pages out of the Holy Bible and throwing them into the wind as well. Beyond Bizarre! His girlfriend, Yovonka Bryant, indicated he had a Bible with him that day.

Yovonka’s sketch of RE’s character suggests he was mild-mannered, read both the Bible and the Quran, and didn’t drink or use any other drugs than marijuana. Some sort of transformation within him took place that Saturday, May 26th. We hear his car broke down on the beach. I know how upset I can get when my wheels fail me. Did he believe the world was about to end? And why take his frustrations out on a poor homeless man, Ronald Poppo, who now must live the remainder of his days without a face.

Am I trying to sublimate this account into the stratospheres of sensational events, that will live forever? Certainly! Yet others are guilty of this venial sin too. But we have to put our collective thinkers to the grueling grindstone if we want to make sense of this cataclysmic incident. Well, maybe it was only incidental? Try telling that to the millions of Conspiracy Geeks on FB who insist it was a ‘Zombie Phenomenon!’ You get it, I get it. Science and Religion are out of the picture now. Only the Occult Arts can do the job for us.

No bath salts detected: Causeway attacker Rudy Eugene had only pot in his system, medical examiner reports – Miami-Dade – MiamiHerald.com