Was It a Prescription Drug Operation That Cost Jerry Perdomo His Life?

Startled! Mesmerized! In disbelief! Did I get it wrong? Where’s Jackson, Maine on a map? There’s Bangor! Where’s Oakland? How did Daniel Porter hear of Lee Credit Now? How very different Cheyanne Nowak looks, from the two pix we’re given in the news! How did Daniel Porter and Jerry Perdomo get to know one another? What’s the nature of their drug operation? Why did Porter kill Perdomo?

News stories are giving us a great deal of facts regarding missing firefighter Jerry Perdomo, but this is a multi-faceted, multi-layered saga, vaguely a Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type of…what you see and what you get, diametrically opposite scenario, where you can’t make heads or tails out of any of the cards you are dealt. Well, I better stop my impulsive mixing of metaphors, where things begin to make better sense when you stand on your head.

jerry perdomo and tonya

For the past ten months Jerry Perdomo has been taking very long road trips from Orange City, Florida up to Bangor, Maine. But why in the world didn’t he just fly on a jet plane up there? And what in the world’s going on here, or better stated, what business did he need to conduct way up there in New England? That is, what connects sunny Florida to wintery Maine? One thing we know for sure, this connection cost him his life.

Speculation on the talk shows (JVM) would suggest that an enterprising individual could purchase prescription drugs (such as Oxicotin) most cheaply in Florida, then turn them for a handsome profit way up in Maine. This hasn’t been proven yet that it’s the case, but after Daniel Porter was arrested on Tuesday, the Maine State Police spokesman, Steve McCausland, did emphasize the killing of Perdomo has a drug connection. I’m trying to picture in my mind what happened on February 16th at this rural hacienda in Jackson, Maine?

jp porter house

In news footage, we see police taking out scads and scads of evidence, even whole windows. The look of the house makes it picture-perfect as a location for a drug-running hideaway or headquarters, a command center for distribution of elicit product. Rural, isolated, and even neighbors were unaware of what’s going on. But then there’s the nosy internet and the all-intrusive Facebook. People are friending Cheyanne Nowak left and right and she’s getting antsy and nervous.

Like I said before, this is a complex situation we have here. The wife is sweet as a peach and completely in the dark as to what Jerry was up to. This is perplexing! And what a great scoop had by WESH Channel 2 from Florida last Friday. They interviewed a woman by the name of Lisa, right in a Wal-Mart parking lot where an abandoned gold Toyota Camry, rented by Jerry when still in Florida, was discovered.

jerry perdomo daniel porter

Hard to wrap your mind around these disparate pieces of information. They are interrelated, but how? Well, before you get any dizzier, when Perdomo made his monthly trips to Maine, he would stay with this Lisa woman. Where or how he met her is an unknown, so far. In a press conference, Tonya admits Jerry knew a lot of women (Okay). It just dawned on me! Footage from the Wal-Mart must show it was Porter who ditched Jerry’s rented gold Toyota Camry.

Well, I’m still sorting things out from this tangled mess. My head’s still stuck in a used car lot, Lee Credit Now, where cash was paid (in twenties) to pick up a fly by night getaway car, while jettisoning a Mitsubishi, which has since been towed away as evidence in a homicide. Was Perdomo living a double life? Why didn’t anyone suspect what he was up to? Why didn’t his fellow firefighters question his motive in taking these monthly road trips to Maine? Please stop friending me. I don’t know you.