‘The Thin Man in White’ Holds A Key That’ll Unlock Our Baby Lisa Mystery!

A dumpster fire on Oct 4th at 2:30 AM near the Irwin’s? A thin man in white sighted three times, twice holding a baby? Once emerging from the woods ambling down the road? A cadaver dog hits on the scent of death near the point where Baby Lisa was sleeping? Deborah Bradley says she’s grieving, but doesn’t hunt for her lost child?

Sports a new hairdo suggesting she’s ready for a million TV cameras, maybe more? In the case of missing Lisa there are no declarative sentences, only interrogative sentences brought on by a barrage of baffling evidence and mesmerized witnesses who can barely believe what they know they saw with their own two eyes.

deborah bradley
Deborah Bradley’s new hairdo improves her looks as she gazes into the lenses of millions of TV cameras.

One might want to dismiss the significance of the dumpster fire, but I can’t include myself in that bunch. Some important evidence was burned in the early morning hour of October 4th. What it is and why is unclear, but that’s why it was done, so nobody will find out. I doubt that it was a street person or merely an act of juvenile delinquency, some youngster on a hell walk.

baby lisa u witness
This woman and her husband also saw ‘The Thin Man in White’ earlier on in the evening on October 4th.

The answer has to be yes, when you scrape off all the sludge that argues against its veracity. Two additional bullets of nutriment that can buttress the initial sighting of the thin man in white carrying Baby Lisa are two further sightings, both of which are most credible. The second sighting is irrefutable! A grainy surveillance footage portrait of a white-clad Big Foot-like mystery man (gathered from an isolated filling station at 2:30 AM) emerging from the woods tells all, but remains enigmatic nonetheless?

mike thompson
Mike Thompson saw ‘The Thin Man in White’ carrying Baby Lisa on a lonely stretch of road at 4 AM on October 4th.

As you might suspect, Mike thought it was odd, most curious at what he saw as he rode by on his motorcycle. The 4 AM observation by a credible witness ties together three independent events that are linked, and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that an exterior party (the thin man in white) played a vital role in the kidnapping of Baby Lisa. This doesn’t completely get the parents off the hook, because they may know who this Phantom is.

I sense that Deborah knows more than she is saying, since she keeps slipping out with the words, she is grieving, which is a sign that she knows Baby Lisa is no more. Not proof, mind you. Also, I sense she realizes by now she’s being put under the microscope of the media, and that the public is hanging on her every word, gesture, or facial expression.

I don’t see anything suspicious in her getting fixed up with a new hairdo. In fact, Deborah looks rather better. Maybe she is finally recovering from guzzling down a whole box of Franzia wine! Let’s face it, more people are focused on her than on Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Barack Obama, and Misses Miller all combined! *(P.S. You can dismiss the cadaver dog hit.)