The More We Learn, The Less We Know in Adam Hayes’ Complex Conspiracy!

Up to a point, we know a lot more today. That Adam Mayes’ mother, Mary Frances Mayes, 65, and his wife, Teresa Ann Mayes, 31, were co-conspirators in the kidnapping of a mother and her three daughters, and the subsequent murder of two of the victims (Jo Ann Bain and her daughter, Adrienne), and readily aided Adam in a complex crime, is still shrouded in confusion and subterfuge. The why for the multiple abduction is the core of a mystery (we long to know), but only known by a desperate fugitive, 35-year-old Adam Mayes.

An unraveling of the conspiracy comes in tiny fragments only, where Teresa begins to spill the beans to her sister, Bobbi Booth, who is the one who alerted the police that her own sister was in on it. This is why the FBI knew where to dig for the bodies, which is in the backyard of mother Mary’s Guntown, Miss home. And that Adam had gone so far as to rent a trailer, which contained remnants left from the Bain family, lets us know how much forethought went into this crime. Why did these two ladies willingly participate? Likely out of fear of the twisted Adam Mayes.

am ii con store

The calm and swagger of Adam on the convenience store surveillance tape (from April 30th) is astounding! He’d already committed the double homicide and casually drops by for a coke. Unbelievable! What a cold-blooded, demented reptile we have here! And why, we want to know, did he kill Jo Ann and Adrienne? Did Mary and Teresa have any idea he would do this when they jumped on the rickety bandwagon of multiple felonies? We hear that Teresa is working with reduced mental faculties, so perhaps not.

As far as the timeline goes, it’s not complete yet, but is starting to fill in with definite dramatic developments. You and I will both want to work on a timeline. To start with, we clearly see the date of April 27th, which was a Friday, is the pivotal time when most of these impervious tragic events unfolded. Three days later, Adam is still hanging around Guntown as if nothing is happening at all. This is what most amazes me! The FBI had already questioned him, and yet he remained cool as a cucumber – startling!

am ii bain kids

The authorities were a bit sluggish to investigate the multiple abduction, I can keenly observe. I sense most of the people following this story agree that they didn’t just catch on too quickly. Initially, many locals thought that Jo Ann had freely left with Adam. One wonders about this miscalculation and why they would think this way? Another missing link which I’m unable to figure out, is how could the husband, Gary Bain, not have noticed just what was up that Friday? This makes me try to run down how the abduction operation was conducted.

am ii mary and teresa

The planning involved in it must have been considerable. One suspects Adam had it in the works for quite a while. Once again, I think it was the imminent move to Tucson that helped to finalize the rendezvous date of 4/27. It’s my understanding the Bain’s family had already started the move and had returned for a funeral in Memphis. Adam knew then it was do or die for his twisted plot to take what he thought was his own. Why he thought this way, will be the fertile fodder of aspiring writers, in the wake of what should be a rough and tumble finale (not that we want it this way).

The particulars of what we’re seeing coming out of Guntown and Whiteville are raising our collective eyebrows above our collective hairlines! Paco Rodrigass is on the lam from the long arm of the law, armed and dangerous, but who is he? As we wait for events to unfold, we question initial past assessments associated with this young man. Has he ever had a job? Did he have any mental health issues? Does he have a criminal record of any kind? Why was he so obsessed with the Bains family, who lived 80 miles away in a different state? If we ever get to the bottom of this, the answers we behold might get ugly.