Insanity! What Are the Back Stories to a Path of Destruction by Adam Mayes?

Too many disconnects, loose-ends that make little sense. Why have some neighbors said Adam Mayes seemed like a nice, helpful guy? What was Adam Mayes’ real relationship with Jo Ann Bain and her three daughters, Adrienne, Alexandria, and Kyliyah? And, more importantly, why wasn’t Gary Bain awakened on the night of April 27th, when the kidnapping supposedly took place? And, of some interest to me, what can we learn about these sequestered rural towns of Whiteville, Tn and Guntown, Miss?

Well, I don’t know that I can address these difficult questions properly just at this solemn moment. But I will tell you now, the riddle of the identity of those two bodies found in Guntown were just revealed, when I sleepy-eyed the news at around 2:30 AM. They are the mother Jo Ann Bain and her eldest daughter Adrienne, who is 14. This is not good.

am guntown

This isolated Guntown location is said to be the home of Adam Mayes’ parents, but where did his parents go? Another one of the aforementioned loose-ends!

The current whereabouts of Adam and the other two girls (Alexandria,12, and Kyliyah, 8) is anybody’s guess. The manhunt is as massive as I’ve ever seen in all my days; we even see FBI Wanted billboards in Atlanta, where they suspect he might have to drive through to get to other destinations (unknown). We hear, Adam has made attempts to disguise himself (and the girls), but unless the disguises are something along the lines of a total facelift, he better not show his visage, unless he wants to get caught!

am jo ann bain

Mayes is not only kidnapper (by this point), but is now a suspected killer of a woman and a girl. So why were there such blatant miscalculations in assessing Adam’s character? And were there really that many people who knew him all that well? It looks like Gary Bain knew him better than most. We hear, the two did some mechanic tinkering together and at one time, were married to sisters. Mayes’ Ex’s name is Teresa, so authorities need to find her and see what she knows. And what about Jo Ann Bain and Adam?

am whiteville

Were they ever romantically linked? Was Adam a father to one of Jo Ann’s daughter? Or was he simply living a fantasy life in believing one of the girls was his own? And why did he publish pix of him with the girls on Facebook? Could this have been sanctioned by Gary and Jo Ann? If it was, this is a little odd and only raises more questions about this family blending we suspect existed. Furthermore, what was the immediate trigger that tipped Mayes over the edge, where he’s turned to desperate measures (kidnapping and violent homicide)?

Are others dead as well? What happened to Adam Mayes’ parents? The question of the above trigger leading to violence would seem to be the Bain family move to Tucson, Arizona. We’re suspicious this is what so infuriated Adam. We hear the drastic move was because the girls had asthma, but was this just a cover for the possibility that the Bains wanted to get out of Dodge for the fact that Adam was always hanging around? What’s this all about? Was he stalking the Bains, a pariah to the family? Did he hold a secret that unwillingly tethered them to him?

adam mayes wanted

There are back stories to the back stories with these tragic events coming out of Whiteville and Guntown! Sleepy, secluded towns, but that just changed. Why does this story seem as if it’s projected from the 1870s and the Old West; Wild Bill Longley, Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid, Doc Holiday, and all of that? No, it’s most real, a 21st Century chronicle that can’t give us a happy ending. Why did Adam snap just when he did? Wern’t there any red flags in his past (we hear he carried a pistol on him at all times) that could have prevented this terrible turn of events?

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