Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Will Terri Moulton Horman Be Arrested?

Terri Kaine and Kyron
A happier time for the Hormans. What so angered Terri that she would try to hire a hitman to kill her husband, Kaine? Was Kaine having an affair with a lady at his office? Was Terri ever really a part of the family?

First off, I’d like to commend The Oregonian for breaking the landscaper-hit-man story exactly on the Fourth of July. Okay, with that news the ‘bombs bursting in air’ were way there! This shocking picture of Terri soliciting an innocent landscaper came after Desiree and Kaine banned The Oregonian and The Willamette Weekly closed-door, and mostly prefabricated news conference last Thursday.

Ah, Desiree and Kaine don’t want the majors talking just about Terri, they want the focus on Kyron, if not on themselves. These Horman ministers of propaganda (Goebels) want to harness the flow of information. But this is America, not Nazi Germany, Desiree and Kaine, being a control freak will backfire on you. And altering your hairdo, Desiree, all dolled up, puffy and curly now, is not going to change the focus from Terri to you.

And Terri must be completely flipped out! Why did she think a stray landscaper would make an ideal hit-man? Do landscapers generally double as killers? I would assume that the money is not good enough to warrant this outdoor labor as a sole source of income. Might want to contract for a few hit jobs to pick up a little jack on the side.

And why was Terri so distraught with her marriage to Kaine? I’ve heard this was her 3rd and that she suspected that Kaine was having an affair with a gal at his office. But instead of divorce or separation, Terri chooses to off the old boy. Now that’s getting chapped! Now theories are rampant of once she realized the hit was a sham, she turns her attention to Kyron, knowing that this was the greatest fount of LOVE for Kaine, his own son.

Thus, this theory provides us with a possible motive of Terri’s. First, with the plotting of the murder-for-hire we sense the greatest level imaginable of premeditation and forethought. Then with the heinous sketch of a crime above, we intuit even vaster leaps and bounds of conspiracy and devilish motivation. That Terri would actually go through with this plot is almost unbelievable. Yet, though we’d prefer not to, consider we must just such a dastardly unfolding of events.

At times for we mortals, the cards of fate are dealt with cruelty. But yes, there is still an atmosphere of hope about that Kyron is alive and well. This implies that he was abducted and is stowed away at some undisclosed location. I think this is a long shot, but it is possible. If Terri is the one who did the kidnapping, then this necessitates a confederate, to take care of Kyron at the hideout. I don’t see it, but I could be wrong.

I keep flashing back to the body building photos that I first saw on Jane Velez-Mitchell’s Issues last Wednesday. I do this because these freaky pics give us key insight into the mind of Terri. It looks like she is a fitness freak and there’s nothing wrong with that, but in this case it downright weird. It’s as if she wants to be a man. Also, there’s a level of exhibitionism and narcissism involved here that I can’t quite put my finger on? My intuition tells me she may be somewhat unhinged, maybe even wacky. She flexes her muscles with confidence and showmanship, like a Roman gladiator about to enter the coliseum.

Terri Moulton Horman
This is bizarre! Terri loved body building and in this 2005 photo we sense how inflated her ego is. Was Terri an exhibitionist? Was she narcissistic? Is she capable of murder? This photo speaks volumes about her character.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it. But another theory is once she couldn’t flex her ego anymore, once Kyron, Kaine and Desiree took over the stage from her, she freaks, then goes berserk! And did you know that Terri is the one who made those 9-1-1 calls last Saturday? The death threats must have been against her. But who was making them against who? No one knows.

Nervous. Neurotic. Suspicious. Paranoid. Tense. Mistrustful. Of police, media, Terri, Desiree, Kaine. Are we getting the truth from anyone? It’s most doubtful. Our best bet is The Oregonian. They still practice old fashioned journalism. Isn’t that to simply report what’s actually happening. But in this case you have the biological parents and the police controlling and massaging the flow of information.

If they do arrest Terri, a good defense attorney will be able to get her off. Terri is slick and she knows it. But Kaine and Desiree are trying to back up the tape and rewrite history. It just won’t work.