Rebecca Bryan’s 911 Call to the Mustang Police Inspires Skepticism!

Rebecca Bryan’s 911 call to the Mustang Police will be thoroughly scrutinized. With 3 listenings notched, I didn’t notice a great deal of panic in her voice, as the 25 or 26-year-old home intruder and killer (wearing a hooded sweatshirt) ambles westwardly down Owen Road, in a small dark colored pick-up truck. He enters by way of the garage door; was it normal to leave the garage door unlocked in the Bryan household?

keith and rebecca bryan
Keith and Rebecca Bryan

And what about the suggested confused identity with Oklahoma City Fire Chief, Keith Bryant? I’ve listened to a radio interview with Keith Bryant, and he concedes, he was good friends with Keith Bryan, but didn’t express a sizable fear for his life regarding the aforementioned elusive home intruder. Nor did he recall any recent disgruntled job applicants (that he was aware of).

This is a far-fetched theory to explain the shooting, a mistaken identity, but how could this potential hiring candidate (possibly as a fireman) confuse where he applied for a job? This is unlikely; then he decides to kill the Fire Chief, so he looks up his address in the residential phone book, but misses the name by one character, a T. Improbable, but not impossible!

No way, right? Efforts to sublimate my skepticism are not working! I’d prefer to be detached, objective, but I just can’t pull it off. And then I hear that Becky Bryan filed for a divorce in January of 2010. Why was she still living with Keith, if she was filing for a divorce? I grow more and more jaded by the moment. A rose-colored-lens-reporter!

At least I’m honest. Another problem, is I went and read all the viewer comments on some of the news stories, and witnessed many smart perceptions, voicing disturbance and distortion, dubiousness with Becky’s 911 call. Why was she so calm at first, then her emotional pitch augments incrementally as the call unfolds? Why wouldn’t she stay on the line with the operator when he politely asked her to?

keith bryan home
How could Keith and Rebecca Bryan afford to live in such a luxurious home?

Contrived panic? Composure when shaping the contours of a cover-story, whose details are a polished emerald, by the time she calls 911 just after 10 (Tuesday night)? Innuendo? Rumor? A rush to judgment? False accusations? Perhaps. I’m just being frank with you, transparent as I can be in revealing what was going through my mind, as I listened to Rebecca Bryan’s startling call.

If the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation can clear her quickly, this will be ideal. They have confiscated the clothes she was wearing that night to run some tests. And then there is DNA evidence (apparently) from the crime scene that will take some time to yield results. And perhaps they can determine what type of gun was used, if they can retrieve a bullet fragment.

What about that home the Bryan’s live in? It looks like a mansion to me, when looking at news footage from local stations in Oklahoma City. Would the salary of a fire chief, for a small fire department, be large enough to support such a big home? I’m just asking; maybe Keith had money coming in from other sources. Must have rolled off the wrong side of my bed this morning. The leery side of my bed.