US Honors Achievements of 50 Million Hispanics in United States

The United States of America today honored the 50 million Hispanics living in the United States.

On the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Deputy Secretary William J. Burns said he recognized the over 1,000 Hispanic Americans working in the U.S. State Department and thousands more across the federal government.

“In the State Department, this includes top officials like Undersecretary of State Maria Otero, Assistant Secretary Jose Fernandez, and Special Envoy for Energy Affairs Carlos Pascual. It includes civil rights heroes-turned-Ambassadors Raul Yzaguirre in the Dominican Republic, Vilma Martinez in Argentina, and Carmen Lomellin, our Ambassador to the Organization of American States.” – Mr. Burns

He highlighted that all through US national life-in government, the private sector and civil society-people of Hispanic ancestry are building bridges to countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. He said they are helping to construct the prosperous and secure hemisphere that people throughout the Americas want and deserve, and that represents the highest goal of U.S. policy in the region.

Mr. Burns stressed that the United States is determined to have a Department that represents and reflects America and makes the most of the talents of all of our citizens.

He believed in the importance of Latin America and the Caribbean and he believes in the power of proximity.

“Together, we are working to put forward a broad, positive agenda that offers rights, freedoms, security, justice, social inclusion, and economic prosperity. In a generation, the Americas have transformed from an exception to democratic progress to a powerful example of it.” – Mr. Burns

He said diversity is one of America’s great sources of strength. He added that the Hispanic Diaspora’s broad and deep connections to Latin America have helped bring Americans more closely together and will help advance its shared goals for the peoples of the Americas.

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