New Forum Improves Coordination of Counterterrorism Efforts Across Borders

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today welcomed the launching of Global Counterterrorism Forum in New York.

Ms. Clinton today stressed that Global Counterterrorism Forum will improve the coordination of counterterrorism efforts across borders and between regions, and also helping countries address terrorist threats within their own borders.

“Ten years ago, citizens of some 90 nations were murdered when al Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center, just blocks from where we sit now. Since then, many more have been killed all over the world by al Qaeda, its affiliates, and other terrorist groups like the PKK, Lashkar e Taiba [LOSH-KAR e TIE-baa.]], and the FARC, just to name a few. The film you just watched told the stories of some of the victims and survivors.” -Ms. Clinton

She cited that the recent attacks in Abuja added to the growing list of communities that have been attacked. From London to Lahore, Madrid to Mumbai, and Kabul to Kampala, innocent civilians have been targeted.

She sressed that no country can afford to sit on the sidelines in the face of this threat, and no country can afford to go it alone.

“In recent years, together we have made real progress against violent extremism. But we can do even more. We can build an international counterterrorism network that is as nimble and adaptive as our adversaries… that can mobilize resources and expertise from around the globe… that can meet today’s challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s threats.” -Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton highlighted that to address terrorism effectively, it begins with robust bilateral cooperation. She aid at the global level, the United Nations and the international counterterrorism policy and legal framework it has developed, including the UN Global Counterterrorism Strategy, help reinforce these efforts.

“To further strengthen the legal framework, I want to echo Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s recent call for all states to work to finalize the Comprehensive Convention Against International Terrorism, which India introduced more than a decade ago.” -Ms. Clinton

She emphasized that this new Global Counterterrorism Forum will provide that venue. She added the world will not always agree on every issue, but they do agree that there are urgent needs and challenges that aren’t being addressed and that each member gathered here today has unique expertise to contribute.

“We know that what works in Turkey or the United States may not work in Indonesia or Colombia. But we can learn a lot from one another. And our work here has the potential to have a double impact: improving the coordination of counterterrorism efforts across borders and between regions, and also helping countries address terrorist threats within their own borders.” -Ms. Clinton

She stressed that to be effective, there’s need for a clear and forward-looking agenda that galvanizes action around the core questions at the heart of our work together.

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